Hilary Clinton's got new hair!

24 November 2008


Oh, Hills. We really try to like you. We really want Barack to choose you as Secretary of State. But this is worse than the pantsuits. Hillary Clinton has been out and about sporting a hair-band. And a thick, braided, gold one which scrapes the hair off her face at that. We can think of only two reasons for this hair scare. One: Chelsea's tipped her off about Gossip Girl and she's trying to channel Blair Waldorf and get down with the kids. Or two: she's reverting to a look she last wore in the 1990s when she went gallivanting around Europe with her husband and then commander-in-chief Bill in some subliminal attempt to show Barack she's up for the foreign diplomacy job. Either way, we're not sure it quite works... [Huffington Post]


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