Gwyneth’s top health tips!

30 October 2008


We love an insight into celebrity lives as much as the next person. So when we heard our favourite health fanatic, Gwyneth Paltrow, had been waxing lyrical about her healthy habits, we just had to share them with you. (And we're pleased to see there's more to it than having access to a private doctor, nutritionist and trainer in LA, London and New York...)

*Get plenty of shut-eye ‘Sleep for eight hours or more each night,' says Gwyneth. ‘Do what you have to do to get sleep: try herbs (valerian), tea (chamomile) and vitamins (magnesium and B6).'

*Eliminate "white" foods ‘Those that are made with sugar, white flour and milk. Eliminate them one at a time - start with flour, then dairy, then sugar. Remember, "high fructose corn syrup" and "dextrose" are sugar by another name.'

*Exercise: ‘If you're totally out of shape, start by walking 15 minutes a day and add a minute every day for the first month. At the end of a month, you'll be up to 45 minutes a day, which should make you ready for whatever more strenuous form of exercise you want to try.

*Watch your thoughts: ‘Most of the background chatter in your mind is worrying, judging, criticising, defending and complaining. Catch yourself and redirect your thoughts towards things you're grateful for and optimistic about.'

Well, for Gwyneth-style results, we'll try anything once...

30 October


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