Smile, it's Oct 15th...

15 October 2008

Smile, it's Oct 15th... Feeling a bit, well, like an X-Factor contestant who got booted out in round 1 (stand up, Bad Lashes!)? There is a reason. According to research by ghd, October 15 is the day when British women are most likely to get a case of the beauty blues. Why? Because it's the middle ground between summer (yes, yes, we know, what summer?!) and Christmas, a quarter of women have put back on the weight that they lost on their bikini diets, and most people's tans have faded. Oh and the shorter, darker days are depressing people. So here at Graziadaily we're going to cheer you up. We've taken a poll and decided there's nothing funnier than people falling over. Especially celebs. Enjoy! 


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