Lottie Lumsden: News and Entertainment Editor

Jessica Vince Grazia Lottie Lumsden joined Grazia in 2010 as Senior News Reporter and was promoted to Deputy Entertainment and News Editor in December 2012. In July 2014 she became News and Entertainment Editor. Her role involves setting up shoots, going to the most A-list parties week in week out, tracking down the hottest news stories and doing all the big interviews.

Since joining Grazia, Lottie’s job has taken her all over the world from Cannes for the Film Festival, Los Angeles for The Grammys, and Paris for Paris Fashion Week. Oh and Monaco for the Grand Prix.

Other highlights have included cooking for Nigella Lawson, interviewing Robbie Williams (Take That fan alert), going to Ibiza with Kylie Minogue and shooting the Downton girls for the Christmas cover (twice).

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