Jessica started as an intern when Grazia Daily first began and became digital editor a few years later. Her passion - verging on healthy obsession - for the site has lead to her winning several awards including BSME's Digital Editor of the Year, Bauer Rising Star and PPAs Digital Brand. Much of Jess' time revolves around tracking down A-listers on the red carpet/at fashion shows/in Starbucks. Highlights include interviewing Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Moss and Sam Cam at No.10. She's also met David Beckham when she was entirely professional and didn't even notice his rugged good looks. Jess has written odes to Kristen Stewart's eyeliner and will not rest until she's chronicled every one of Kate Middleton's dresses - but is most proud of #Grazia360 which involves her travelling around the world to report on every morsel of fashion week. After all this time, she still loves every minute.