Catherine Nieto: Fashion Editor

Catherine Nieto- Fashion Editor grazia.jpg Catherine joined Grazia as fashion intern in January 2005, just one month before the magazine launched and has been riding the Grazia rollercoaster ever since!

Her initial role earned her the title of best (and fastest) tea maker in the office, where she learnt the postcodes and office numbers to every fashion PR worldwide, did what felt like the most amount of faxing requests (yes faxing!) anyone had ever done, like ever! And was the proud manager of one seriously immaculate fashion cupboard.

Fresh out of Uni with little travelling experience to her name, Catherine collected copious amounts of passport stamps during her first three years at Grazia, visiting Sydney, Tokyo, St Petersburg, Paris, New York, Miami and Buenos Aires whilst assisting the fashion editors on main fashion shoots and shopping pages before promotions that led to her creating pages of her own.

Now seven years later Catherine has put most of the travelling and peering from the back at fashion week shows behind her and concentrates instead on planning and creating the shopping section of the magazine, dabbling in fashion news for the And Finally pages and editing the fashion specials.

The go-to in the office for celebrity style (where’s Jen’s bag from? Tom Ford! Who’s Emma Stone’s dress by? Lanvin!)

Catherine is also a skinny jeans obsessive (owning too many pairs to count…MiH Jeans Viennas are her faves) and prides herself on being Grazia’s resident denim expert.  

The show season is her favourite time of year (obvs!), which she couldn’t survive without Diet Coke and dry shampoo.

A Victoria Beckham enthusiast, Catherine never tires of reminding people that she’s loved VB since the Spice Girls and not just since her handbags hit Harrods, though she’s never met Victoria, they did once shop back-to-back at Matches!

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