My Insanely Fashion-Fabulous Week - Part 1!

05 July 2010

I've had the most insanely fashion fabulous week. In fact it's hard to blog about it without sounding like a real show off.

Started with a meeting with one of my all-time fashion heroes: Jil Sander. She was in London to shoot the new campaign for the +J collection for Uniqlo and I went to photographer David Simm's studio to see her and get a sneak peak at the range.

I can hardly wait for September 16th when it arrives in store. There is everything I want: a fabulous pea coat, naval sharp and cut in heavy wool flannel. The military coat has more attitude than General McChrystal. The shirts are essential (the two I bought last year are still looking sharp after a dozen hot washes). And the prices are eye wateringly affordable.

I kept trying to figure out where the missing zeroes were. Yes, you can have a designer pea coat for under £100.

And Jil herself was the biggest surprise. Can't figure out why our paths have never crossed because I've been in fashion since God was a boy, but we met for the first time. I thought she would be really serious and a little scary but the truth couldn't be more different. She has a sparkly charm. She has the most twinkly eyes and a smile that you know is not put on for show because smile lines are feathered onto her face. Given what she has packed into her CV, I’d guess she has got to be 60 but that brightness knocks twenty years off: hot tip ladies - forget the face lift and just keep smiling.

She is, of course, serious about her work but is satisfyingly girly and touchy feely in conversation. Stylist Joe McKenna says he’s not sure where the super serious image comes from as she has always been thus. I'm in awe. The whole project is so shrouded in secrecy I was forbidden to take pictures but we'll be giving you the low-down in Grazia when the collection drops in September. Clear your diaries now and get ready for a Uniqlo trolley dash.

check back for Part 2 of my insanely fashion-fabulous week tomorrow..


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