Are you double dipping your face?

16 June 2010

Just the other day I met up with uber facialist Yvonne Martin, the miracle face firmer that works on everyone from beauty editors to A-lister’s so A-list she’s sworn never to reveal their identity. Damnitt!

The secret to eternal youth according to Yvonne is not Botox fillers or even lasers. It’s all in the cleansing. According to Martin, it’s all about double cleansing –  or double dipping as its known in the industry - from the chest up. ‘The neck one of the biggest age giveaways, yet women often neglect it,’ she tells me. Apparently, cleansing – if done properly - more than moisturising or exfoliating is the most youthful trick. It brightens, smoothes and keeps wrinkles at bay faster than a shot of filler. Who knew?

Start with an oil cleanser massaged into the skin, just after a shower when skin is dewy and pores are open. Massage around lymph nodes (under arms) neck and décolletage, finishing at the face. ‘Then add a tiny bit of water to the oil to create a lather and bring the dirt to the surface,’ she tells me. After rinsing with warm water or a hot cloth, start all over again (come on people, it’s a small price to pay) with a milk cleanser which is when the magic really happens. ‘ The first cleanse gets rid of makeup and surface dirt,  but it’s during second cleanse that you can remove deep down debris – give it a month and you’ll look five years younger,’ Yvonne assures me.

Try Yvonne’s magic formula: Keraskin Huile Nudite oil cleanser and Lait No.27 milk cleanser.


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