Roots go posh!

09 June 2010

Roots (as in grown-out highlights) are now in-fashion according to insiders – i.e. those cool people behind the scenes who decide what’s hot or not.
Whist the thought of dark roots sounds like a ghastly case of laziness, it’s now seen as di rigueur. Go figure!
I now find myself frightfully on-trend as I’ve been in waiting for my hair saviour, Josh Wood from Realhair in Chelsea, to return from New York where he’s been holed up in posh hotel suites and photo studios colouring the tendrils of super models and celebrities’ non-stop for a month.

In the meantime, I’ve been going about my business with 3-inch long roots, plucking the odd grey hair with tweezers (Demi Moore’s rumoured guilty secret). Whilst I’ve been in constant hair turmoil, a funny thing has happened. I’m getting more compliments than ever on my re-growth. ‘I love your hair colour – have you added those roots?’ asked fashion hair god Sam McKnight when I saw him on a Grazia shoot recently.
Added them? Yep, it’s the latest thing apparently. ‘Showing a bit of root, has a cool lived in effect. Hair always looks cooler when it’s grown out a bit – it’s going to be a huge trend next season,’ Adam Reed, Diane Kruger’s London snipper tells me.

Kruger is case in point. Just like fellow chic celebs like SJP, the Olsen twins and Gisele Bundchen, she’s ditched perfect highlights for a grungy, more natural alternative.
‘Knightsbridge lights, as I call them – those perfectly spaced, immaculate highlights look so outdated right now. In some cases my clients are asking me to create fake roots for more of a fashion look, ‘Josh Wood tells me. Why anyone would pay to fake roots, when you can grow them for free is anyone’s guess. But according to Wood, when you fake it, you can choose a more flattering tone than your natural colour, covering grey in the process. Meaning you get the ‘fashion look’ without the drawbacks.
Speaking of the f word, I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of next season’s hottest look from Alexander Wang, where greasy, darkened roots were all the rage. Yes, it’s true. Not only do we know longer need be slaves to the colourists chair, we can go sans shampoo too. Let’s hope the later doesn’t catch on.

- Annabel Jones


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