Jersey Shore – the new beauty icons?

12 May 2010

jersey shore

The Jersey Shore girls

Is it just me or is anyone else obsessed with Jersey Shore? MTV’s reality tv show, it follows a group of Italian slash American gals and guys from New Jersey, holed up in a summer house on, you guessed it, the Jersey shore for a summer of partying and well, more partying. Think Big Brother, only they’re allowed out of the house!

Annabel and Lauren sport the Snookie hump

Granted, this bunch of uber-tanned, hair extension clad ‘Guido’s’ and ‘Guidettes’ aren’t your typical fashion icons. In fact, ask any fashionista worth her salt they’d be declared seriously naff. But as we’re in the midst of recession, this hair-gelled, tangoed tribe clad in rhinestone jeans (yes, really) are just the antidote I need to all the seriousness around at the moment.

Is Snookie the new Gaga?

And I’m not alone. Super cool photographer Terry Richardson just shot the buff boys for Interview magazine. And in this month’s US Bazaar, the girls have been given a chic-over by New York Socialite Tinsley Mortimer.

Is Sammi the new Demi?

And you know what? It’s not so hard to believe. Remember the mid nineties, pre Blair, and pre boom? We all fell in love with flashy duo Posh and Becks – way before they got their style on. Remember the matching spiky hair and black Versace leather pant suit moment?  His highlighted curtains, her collection of Gucci LBD’s, his sarong, her too-white French manicure…

Bottom line is the world’s gone crazy for the Shore look. Expect to see Snooki’s hair hump, Pauly’s flat-top blow-out, or J-Wow’s streaked hair extensions on the runway next fashion season….it’s hot people!

My favourite Shorism’s….

The Situation – refers to Mike’s impressive six pack

GTL – stands for Gym, Tanning, Laundry; the boy’s favourite past time

Juiced – nick name for getting wasted

Pulling a robbery – phrase for stealing a girl from your friend

Battling – Jersey speak for when they all perform their funky dance moves all together

Wanna create your own Jersey Shore nick name (you know you want to) The Glossip found this fun website:

Obsessed, moi? Never.  Now where did I put my spray tan?

- Annabel Jones


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