I think I’ve seen a Ghost

17 March 2010

I’ve been musing about short hair recently. Why? Well, look around and you’ll notice that everyone’s who’s anyone is going for the chop.

There are two short hair tribes emerging. In one camp, there’s the short feminine floppy crop reminiscent of Demi Moore in Ghost circa 1990. I remember it well. I walked out of the cinema and whilst all of my friends were still drooling over Patrick Swayze, all I could think about was said haircut. Full of teen-angst and newly broken up with the hot guy from school (who looked like Rob Lowe in St.Elmos Fire) I needed a change and promptly had it all lopped off. It was the first and last time I had short hair and really loved it!

Nadine Baggot, celeb hairstylist Ben Cooke and Kelly from Talk PR

Fast forward to 2010 and Demi’s Ghost hair is literally cropping up everywhere (well, the 90’s are back after all). Just the other day I bumped into two beauty PRs I know who’ve had it. Turns out one of them – Kelly from Talk PR - goes to my friend Ben Cooke (the guy behind Victoria Beckham’s original Pob), who says that long hair is on it’s way out…eek! ‘I’m not surprised that short hair is back – it’s perfect for the times – right now everyone wants to shed layers and have a fresh start,’ Ben told me. ‘Everyone thinks long hair is flattering but it can actually pull the face down and can look flat and ageing,’ he adds.

Need further proof? Check out the stars of the moment - Rihanna, Mia Wasikowska from Alice in Wonderland, Carey Mulligan and Ginnifer Goodwin, who are rocking the tennie’s version.

Bianca from Modus PR with her recent crop, cut by Lance at James Brown London

Then there’s the pudding bowl. And for this we have Irina Lazareanu to blame (below). The supermodel and Pete Doherty’s ex first has put the bowl cut on the map with her edgy grunged-up version, which shockingly looks super chic.  Now everyone from Agyness Deyn to Estelle has followed suit. I’m thinking this could just be the surprise hit of season. Think of it as the new quiff.

How to wear a pudding bowl without it looking like a pudding bowl? ‘Have a few soft choppy layers around the hair line so it’s softer and more versatile,’ says Diane Kruger’s mane man and Grazia insider Adam Reed.

Whatever the length, style, and vibe one things for certain – you better get used to it because short hair is in ladies!

- Annabel Jones


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