The Fash Bride: Hen Wars!

05 July 2012

The 'Hen Holiday', endorsed by Coleen of course!

Now you’ve heard of Bridewars, well the next trend to hit brides-to-be is ‘Hen-Wars’ and with the big day drawing closer, this weekend is…da, da, dahhhh… my HEN DO!  After the husband-to-be’s Stag this weekend, I’m slightly apprehensive as to what the girls have in store but, the guidelines for the hen have been submitted so all I can hope for is a civilised affair that everyone will enjoy… talk about another day of pressure-yikes!  It might not be tradition to submit preferred activities for your hen but recently, there’s been a rise in ‘hen-zillas’, brides who are not only over the top and demanding in the lead up to their wedding but treat the hen like it’s another big day.  I hope (hen organisers) that I am not one of the aforementioned ‘hen-zillas’! 

Then there’s the competition between the hen organisers and the hen, to ensure they organise a better hen for you than the one you organised!   One friend recounted a horrendous hen that meant freezing on a deserted Canary island in the middle of March which ended in the bride and her maid of honour refusing to communicate for most of the trip-it was something to do with the unforgettable Marbella hen the year before that was a raving success!

Una from The Saturdays-Pre and Post Hen!

So I’m not doing the abroad, week long hen holiday thing, in fact I’m just doing a night in London and why not?  I have to say I’m feeling slightly like I’m bucking the trend by not demanding something more exotic,  almost like I’m an underachieving bride. Will there be a flashing slash or L plates? Watch this space for hen (sober) pictures.  I’ve made a special dress purchase for the occasion (hen-zilla, me?) in a white hue (obviously) from Project D but that’s all I’m revealing….until next time! 


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