The Fash Bride: Dogs and Diamonds

30 May 2012


Priscilla and her pooch!

Two things have sprung to mind this week in the lead up to 4th August,  firstly jewellery, and we’re not talking the obvious binding bands but the fun, accessorising type and secondly, how lovely it was that Priscilla Chan A.K.A Mrs Mark Zuckerburg, walked down the aisle with her dog!  The similarities? Both are so close to my heart. 

I’m tried to be very aware that anything I buy for myself for the big day must be something I would wear on a normal, regular day.  I don’t want to transform into an over indulgent, extravagant bride.  Instead, my mission statement as a bride-to-be has always been ‘an enhancement of myself’.  Boring?  Simple?  I don’t know which best describes this mantra but what I do know is that I’ll feel comfortable on the big day and feel just a little bit extra special.  So, the big dilemma is what to wear around my neck.  The rings, yes that’s correct, plural, have been easy.  When it comes to a bit of bling, I’m first in line, I know what I like and the deal is done.  But when it comes to other jewellery parts, I’m in decisive.  I’ve visited my reliable jewellery haunts like Liberty’s Jewellery hall and trawled Pinterest for inspiration but it’s proving very troublesome.  Obviously it depends on the dress and without giving too much away, yes, my dress needs something-delicate, subtle and also sentimental.  I've also discovered this fabulous man-made diamond collection, Brilliant Jewellery, where you can enjoy guilt free bling!  I love this Chanel-esque piece.

The Camelia from Brilliant Jewellery

I’m actually having something  made for me, okay, a bit indulgent but it had to be something that would work on the day and I could only think of one way it could work, unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in the shops!  Here’s a hint though


Kabiri (right) and a Pinterest repin!


Now to the doggy part.  Although I don’t have my own dog, technically, I’d like to think of myself as the favourite aunt to Ben's family dogs, Rita and Connie.  Border Terrier crosses, they are adorable and quite frankly would be the perfect guests on the day and they'd probably be the most well behaved too!  So special are they to us, we’ve even included Borders on our invites!  It might not be everyone’s idea for perfect wedding stationary but I can understand why Priscilla included her pooch in such an important day in her life.  Luckily my lovely invite designer Kate Ruth Romey didn’t think I was totally mad and designed the cutest logo for us.


Our Border Terrier logo!

So why have your dog on your big day?  Well, there’s no judgement, they’ll always love what you look like no matter what and they’re bound to be a crowd pleaser!  However, I wouldn’t want Rita and Connie to be there for the guests enjoyment, they’re part of the family and deserve to be part of our big day! 



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