The Fash Bride:The Hair Issue

04 April 2012

This is a somewhat sensitive (and slightly embarrassing) subject but I know I can trust you guys!  Beauty prep for the big day doesn’t start a week, not even a month before W Day, it starts over five months before in my bridal world.  This isn’t bridezilla stuff people, this is just mandatory prep!  In the last six weeks I’ve entered into the world of Laser IPL to be head to toe hair free for the big day.  Body hair really doesn’t match my dress!


The funky treatment rooms at Ministry of Waxing-takes your mind off the treatment!


So where you’re wondering!  The most significant and important ‘area’ that is being seen to is the under arms.  If you think about it, it will be on display nearly as much as other parts.  They’ll be the bouquet throwing, the waving to long lost aunties from across the room, hands in the air dance poses and fist pumping at the end of the service (jokes!).  Anyway, my point is, it had become a concern of mine due to the nature of my dress, so much so I enquired about the possibilities of eliminating the problem forever!  And so here I am today, two sessions into a six session course and I can report back that already, they’re looking even better than I could have imagined the end result to be!  Down at Ministry Of Waxing, they have the Ferrari of laser machines called the IPL Power Pac 2.1-oooo errr fancy!  Well actually it is because along with being the fastest laser in town, that can permanently stop hair regrowth and it also tightens skin so you can look younger too!  Here comes the science bit: the light from the lamp zaps the hair follicles, heating up the cells that cause regrowth and disabling them.  Okay, that’s enough from the lesson, basically all you need to know is – it works! 

Not really the look you want to channel on your wedding day!


I’m feeling much more relaxed knowing I won’t have the ‘5o’clock shadow’ fear–gross I know, but unfortunately this was the situation we were potentially dealing with-yuk!  I'll report back along the way but this certainly isn't the last of my hard core bridal beautifying treatments to be groomed and prepped for the big day.  Watch this space....




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