The Fash Bride: Fitness, Serenity and Calm

28 March 2012

Preparing and organising a wedding isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be-I never got that memo.  Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for the actual day but it’s like organising the biggest party of your life but deciding on what everyone will be doing, minute by minute, drink by drink, song by song.  I always thought I was good at things like this but I have to say, I’ve really questioned my organisation skills and patience since the preparation process started.  Why?  I’ve suddenly become slightly on edge about EVERYTHING! Who would have thought that the style of cutlery would send me into a two day spin?  Sadly it has but I’ve found a remedy to cure my uptight frame of mind  and it comesand it comes in the shape of exercise! in the shape of exercise!

Isn't he handsome ladies?!

I’ve found that letting off some steam at the gym has been a sanity saver.  With the help of ‘ace of all trainers’ Lee Mullins at Bodyism, responsible for some the hottest bodies out there (we’re talking A-lister’s people), Lee has been helping me eat healthily and exercise sensibly to keep me strong in mind and body!  With a variation of exercise moves and eating in the ‘Clean and Lean’ way, I’ve been able to unwind and forget about all my worries during my workouts.  Check out the some of the exercises Lee has shown me to practice at home, no gym required.    There’s the walking Disco lunge, Tube Walking (a killer for your butt) and the ' T’, which all help condition your body but also release any tension you may be feeling in both your body and brain!  It might be the last thing I want to do at the end of the day but it’s the quickest way to calm.


Sleep in a shake

However, night time has been proving a little difficult.  Although I’ve always been a good sleeper, I’ve been finding it hard to switch off at night with time creeping towards the wedding so I’ve been taking The Bodyism Serenity shakes before bed to help me relax and fall into a good quality of sleep, leaving behind any wedding anxiety.  Don’t worry though, it’s always waiting for me in the morning!  With my mind back on track, this week has really been a week of doing.  Multiple tasks have been ticked off the list and most of the major decisions have been made-yikes!  I have to thank Lee though for listening to my moans and groans whilst training me, no wonder he's off to Australia for Easter!


Check out Lee's twitter to learn lots of great healthy tips: @Mullins_Lee and Bodyism's website and Facebook page for regular fitness guru updates. 



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