Going to the chateau and and I'm...gonna get married

28 December 2011 by

First things first: that headline doesn't make any sense unless you sing it to the tune of Going the the Chapel. But anyway! The reason I'm using bad puns is because I thought it was about time that I talked about The Venue. Yes, we've had The Ring, The Dress so now...The Venue.
As someone who grew up going to church every week (I know! Who'd-a-thought-it, etc) I'd always thought that I would get married in one; the church in the village where I come from in Northumberland being the obvious choice. But as someone who left home to live in London ten years ago, London now feels like home to me – so then, if I ever talked about weddings, London venues were top of my (internal) list.  But by the time my boyfriend actually proposed (what TOOK him so long? Could it have been the fact that I seemingly had the venues mapped out in my head? Surely not…) we both had somewhere else in mind. And here it is...


Try and ignore the fact I can jump REALLY HIGH and focus on the background: yes, this is the Chateau Ludaix. Going go the CHATEAU instead of the Chapel, geddit? OK...
The chateau is kind of in the middle of nowhere in France, and is one of my favourite places in the world - every year, me and a group of friends go on holiday here and spend the week reading, drinking wine and arguing over table tennis while watching bad DVDs (How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days is a Chateau favourite). Luckily for us, we happen to know the chateau’s owner - the fabulous Stephanie Holland, mum of the man who’s making my dress, Henry - who puts up with us screaming like a bunch of girls loudly till 3am once a year (as illustrated here:)

In the last few years, Stephanie has started to do weddings at the Chateau - and once we knew that, no other venue got a look in. It's perfect for us –beautiful, has the wow-factor, but also mega-relaxed as we know it so well. Unlike most UK venues, we can have it totally to ourselves, and can do (pretty much) what we want with it – I already have quite a few surprises up my (lace, potentially elbow length) sleeve. And ultimately, it’s perfect for a massive party. Which is, really, what it's all about for me…



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