Don’t be snide, I’m a bride!

10 November 2011

Yes, this is the slogan I’ll be wearing on my wedding dress.
OK, pull your jaw off the floor – NOT REALLY! But this is, after quite a few glasses of wine, one of the many things myself and my wedding dress designer Henry Holland came up with (as a joke. A joke!) when we had our first dress pow-wow last week. Well, this the man who made his name with a ‘Get your freak on, Giles Deacon’ t shirt…
Slogans aside, we spent the evening getting excited about our creation. Over fishcakes and wine, Henry started to sketch his ideas out for me – cue squealing and an argument over whether I have good clavicles (I said yes, Henry said ‘er, doesn’t everyone?’ Charming).
When it comes to what I want to wear on The Big Day I have little idea; luckily, Henry has . As a friend of around 10 years he has extensive knowledge of what suits me (fitted, fun, a bit drama) and what doesn’t (anything strapless). He also knows my wardrobe inside out, which means he’s seen my sartorial highs and lows – and there have there been some lows. Combats and heels, anyone?
Anyway – by the end of the evening, we were A) slightly drunk and B) massively excited with the finished design. Yes, it was THAT EASY. We have a dress! (Or is it ‘dresses’? OOH! WHAT A TEASE! Etc). As you can see, I am attempting, in the spirit of tradition, not to tell anyone what it looks like, although pretty much failing; I got home that night, woke up my boyfriend and started to bang on about it. Must. Shut. Up.
But what I talk about is the only other wedding dress Henry has designed – which was for his sister, Fleur. Fleur got married last summer and had not one, but three – three! – weddings; two here, one in France (long story). For her London registry office wedding, she wore this Henry-designed dress:


Which she did, of course, look amazing in. Not that this is a hint as to what mine looks like, of course…
Anyway. The next step is to choose fabrics – some of which we’re having specially commissioned for the occaision. Sorry, did someone say Bridezilla? .

- Laura Atkinson


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