UPDATE: Beatrice's bonkers hat goes through the roof - GUESS who's bidding on it?!

17 May 2011

UPDATE: Beatrice's bonkners hat has sold for an AWESOME £81,000. Yes. Eighty One. And what a brilliant way to turn a nuts outfit into a ton of money for charity, thinks Grazia Daily. Now, if only swe could do the same with some of our fashion faux-pas....

HOW much? Currently hovering just around the £18,000 mark, Princess Beatrice’s dramatic royal wedding hat, designed by Philip Treacy, is set to raise a frankly E-normous amount of money when it comes to the end of its auction on eBay in five days time.

Beatrice decided to flog the hat to raise money for two charities - (UNICEF and her mother Children in Crisis) – saying that she has been ‘amazed by the amount of attention the hat has attracted’. She also, rather brilliantly in our opinion, has acknowledged the lunatic photoshop skills of bored people everywhere by including a few of the ‘hat creations’ from the GD fave ‘Princess Beatrice’s Ridiculous Royal Wedding Hat’ facebook group alongside the auction.

So, obviously there are two key questions that need to be asked here: 1 – WHO is stumping up the money for this, and 2 – what on earth are they going to do with it afterwards? But, as long as we are willing to put these salient points to one side (and as cynical as we are, even we aren’t acid enough to deny that this is a pretty brills way of raising a substantial amount of money for two charities) then everyone's a winner. So if you’re sitting on a wad of spare cashola and have NOTHING to wear to a wedding this summer, then you can place your bid by clicking here.

UPDATE: In an answer to questions 1 - THIS is who's doing the bidding. The Wiggles. Yep, the Ausie kids act. The ones who are mates with Kylie. Rrright. Blue Wiggle (bear with us) Anthony Field said 'We wear some pretty crazy costumes on stage, but this hat beats them all - it could bring about an Australian republic all by itself!  When we heard about the auction we knew we had to bid - we're Ambassadors for UNICEF and we think it's great that Princess Beatrice has chosen to support children in great need.' Very true, Blue Wiggle, very true. He then added something which completely went over our heads and which your boyfriend might have to traslate for you, by saying 'If we win we might give it to Ricky Ponting to wear when he bats against the Poms next time - it would certainly distract the bowler!

Eh? Something to do with... Cricket...?


- Alex Butt


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