How The Dress Was Kept Secret!

03 May 2011

SO, the wedding may be over but the mystery remains: how DID Kate Middleton manage to keep her wedding dress a secret from the entire world? Smoke and mirrors, darling! Aaand quite a bit of good will.

Basically, the dress is believed to have been created in several sections, with seamstresses at Alexander McQueen being employed on night shifts, and the dress only being sewn together once it was inside a secret workroom inside Buckingham Palace. Guarded by Corgis and Prince Philip, we like to imagine.

The embroiderers at Hampton Court Palace, who created the intricate lace that adorned the sleeves and bodice were aware that they were creating something very special (they were instructed to wash their hands every thirty minutes and to change needles every three hours) but did not know who the dress was destined for, or what the completed design was going to look like.

In addition, at McQueen HQ there was a locked room which only Sarah Burton and a few colleagues could enter. Fittings took place at Kate and Williams’ house on Anglesey, and there’s also a suggestion Sarah and Kate might have met at Hampton Court Palace.

However – and this is where the good will comes in - it’s impossible to say whether anyone on the outside of this inner circle twigged that something fishy was up. The regular seamstresses at McQueen, for instance, are reported to have come to work and found people at their sewing machines, and there’s almost certain to have been suspicion amongst McQueen employees, aware of the rumour that Burton was the designer, when clandestine meetings were taking place in a locked room. But, save for a reported ill-advised comment from McQueen CEO Jonathan Akeroyd in March, which was the first suggestion Burton was the designer, nobody revealed a thing! Now, how lovely is that?

- Alex Butt


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