But What Did Karl Lagerfeld Think Of The Royal Wedding?

29 April 2011

Of COURSE Karl Lagerfeld has an opinion. Commenting on French television, M.Lagerfeld, that shy and retiring fashion designer (who Grazia Daily unashamedly loves) has spoken out about The Duchess of Cambridge’s (aka Kate - feels odd, no?) wedding dress. And luckily for her, he likey!

‘It's a bridal gown of very refined detail, much more refined than the one Diana wore’, said Karl. ‘Alexander McQueen's dresses are always very elegant. It's very pretty, and relatively classic, but that goes with the decor, with a little touch of the 1950s that recalls Marilyn Monroe or Queen Elizabeth II's dress.’ True, true Karl. We could not agree more with you.

‘The lace is pretty, especially the embroidered veil and the tiara not too high, without too heavy a bun. It's ravishing and the length of the train is perfect’, he added, instantly creating a new favourite barb for Grazia Daily to issue: ‘too heavy a bun’.

Peculiarly, Lagerfeld then went on to compare Kate to, erm, Lindsay Lohan. Yes, Lindsay Lohan. Does he know who Lindsay Lohan is? ‘Kate is a young, modern woman’ said Karl. ‘She's a Lindsay Lohan and she wasn't going to miss her moment’. *befuddled*

Though he was unwilling to comment on The Queen’s Angela Kelly designed canary yellow ensemble with sun-ray embroidery to the neckline, he was more willing to be drawn on Prince Philip, commenting that ‘whatever you say, it's better than an ugly suit’. Could this be a critique of Prince Philip’s usual choice of attire? Surely not.

Karl also exclaimed on seeing one guest who was sporting a large saucer-like hat ‘why, it's the headless woman’, and declared that one guest, wearing a no-doubt very expensive rough fabric coat, was ‘wearing a sofa on her back!’


- Alex Butt


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