Cutest story EVER!

28 April 2011

You remember a while ago, Grazia Daily reported on the Mexican teenager who was on hunger strike until she got a ticket to the Royal Wedding, yes? Estibalis Chavez spent sixteen days on hunger strike outside the British Embassy in protest over not receiving an invitation, surrounding herself with banners featuring slogans including ‘ Are they going to let me die just because they wouldn't give me an invitation to the royal wedding?’ and ‘This is my only dream’. Eep.  

In short, Estibalis’ mother died giving birth to her and one of the only things she knew about her mum was that she loved Princess Diana, which had led the nineteen year old to promise herself that when Prince William got married, she would be in attendance. So far, so nutty.

BUT, that isn’t where the story ends, because a man who happened to walk by Chavez’ protest has come forward to lend her the 15,000 pesos she needs for a flight to London. Octavio Fitch Lazo is, the Huffington Post reports, ‘a member of an association that is lobbying Mexico's congress to adopt silver coinage’ and on seeing Chavez’ protest said that ‘it moved me to see that no one understood her very well ... I think she is right to fight for what she wants’. Yesterday, Chavez was collected from her home and flown to London where, though she obviously won’t be able to watch from inside the Abbey, unless a VERY sympathetic policeman taken pity on her, she will at least be able to join in the festivities on the streets of London.  

*Grazia Daily wipes away tears*

- Alex Butt


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