Royal Wedding: More News!

20 April 2011

Here’s question: what tastes of mango and looks like Kate Middleton? Is it an M&S Fuller Longer blueberry and mango salad? No! It’s the Kate Middleton jelly bean. A close contender for the best piece of royal wedding tat thus far, the bean was spotted by Wesley Hosie, 25, of Taunton, who is planning to flog it on t’internet to ‘a collector’. But ‘a collector’ of what exactly? Grazia Daily has one request for whoever buys it: we need to hear from you.

Another of our favourite pieces of royal wedding ephemera has been released in the form of this so-sweet-it-makes-your-teeth-hurt Sylvanian Families Royal Wedding set. In the set, William and Catherine are represented by a pair of small "anymals" (not a typo) of unspecific breed, both of whom are sporting some amaze Fergie and Andrew style wedding attire. Get yours here.

Also this week, it has emerged that 80% of people resent shelling out for the wedding. Ooh-ee-ooh! Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of people who read ivillage, are NOT pleased about picking up the bill for William and Kate’s enormous security operation, among other things. Eep. Well; at least we're not talking about the bill for Lily Allen's wedding.

Camilla Luddington, the faux-Kate from the best movie we’ve ever seen EVER (William & Kate - look out for our review, coming soon) has revealed that playing Kate made her depressed. Well, not really – it made her re-evaluate her wardrobe and get depressed about her morning options. Join the club. ‘I got to exchange my biker boots for her really nice shoes and gorgeous dresses. It had me come home and feel depressed about my own wardrobe!’ she said last week. Well, we guess she didn’t have to wear the LK Bennet numbers Kate sported on Monday…

Singer and celebrity fan of Snappy Snaps, George Michael has also gotten in on the wedding action, by recording a version of the Stevie Wonder classic ‘You and I’ as a gift for the couple. A GIFT, you say? Listen here and make your own mind up.. 


And finally, something we REALLY like: in one of our favourite ACTUALLY nice pieces of royal wedding merchandise, Anya Hindmarch has released a limited edition stamp which can be embossed onto any of the pieces in the Anya Hindmarch bespoke collection. The crest stamp contains two union jack flags and a scroll which can contain your initials. We. WANT.


- Alex Butt


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