Kate Middleton to do her own makeup for the Royal Wedding?

13 April 2011

Prepare for a collective exclamation of disbelief: apparently Kate Middleton is planning to do her own makeup for her wedding to Prince William on April 29th. Eh?

Though Richard Ward and James Pryce will be tending to Kate’s hair, stories in today’s papers suggest that Miss Middleton is planning to take a DIY approach to makeup on her wedding day, much as she did for the official Mario Testino engagement photos of her and William.

Now, whilst this is a commendably low-key gesture on Kate’s part – the royal family having been keen from the word "engagement" to stress how unostentatious this wedding will be – Grazia Daily wonders if it might be carving one notch too many on the fragile tree of frugality.

Why? Well, though Kate has a well defined signature makeup look of black eyeliner, nude lips, flawless skin and so on and so forth, and this has served her well up until this point, it is never, EVER a good idea to do your own makeup for a TV appearance (which this essentially is, with an estimated audience of 2 billion) or a photoshoot, which any wedding certainly is.

Let us put it like this: one friend of Grazia Daily’s, though completely able to apply her own makeup under normal circumstances, was so paralysed with fear on the morning of her wedding that she was rendered utterly unable to apply eyeliner in a manner that did not resemble Lily Savage. And SHE wasn’t getting married in front of Victoria Beckham.  

However. If Kate does decide to go against our advice (though God alone knows why she would) then how will she go about applying her makeup for the big day? And what do the rest of need to know about getting the Princess Catherine look for those almost-inevitable fancy dress costumes? Well, Grazia Daily has trawled the tinterweb for you and has come across this selection of video tutorials on how to make-up like Middleton. So sit back and learn, peoples: THIS is how you bag a Prince.  




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