Royal Wedding: Update!

11 April 2011

Eighteen days to go, and Kate and Willum are OUT! The happy twosome were snapped this morning as they opened Darwen Aldridge Community Academy in Lancashire. In spite of the rain, Kate looked her usual gorgeous self in a navy blue suit with hook and eye fastening (racy) after employing the services or Britain’s largest umbrella. A service which Will was not, it seems, permitted to join in with. Although we suppose he doesn’t really need to worry about his hair getting wet.

So, since today’s outing marks the couple’s final official engagement before the wedding on April 29th, Grazia Daily is going to take this as a perfect opportunity to bring you the latest news updates from planet RoyalWedding ™.  

In technology news, ITN has announced that they have launched a Royal Wedding app, where ‘Royal family enthusiasts can now follow William and Kate’s wedding preparations every step of the way’. Well welcome to the party ITN! Grazia Daily, having been doing this for, oooh, five months, is thrilled to learn that you will be joining us on our royal wedding odyssey with eighteen days to go. Obviously, we know that none of our loyal readers will be defecting, right? >stern face<

Media-wise, Channel 5 have announced they’re set to broadcast ‘William & Kate’, the amaze-looking TV biopic of Kate and William that Grazia Daily has bleated on about on this very blog on more than one occasion. How can you NOT be excited about this? 

In style news, it has also just emerged that Emily Sheffield, the deputy editor of another well known fashion mag which isn’t Grazia (and also the sister of SamCam) has apparently been invited to select 30 outfits for Kate when she and Prince William visit Canada for nine days at the end of June. This marks the first time that Kate has used the services of a stylist, which makes it, potentially VERY exciting. We’re seeing tons of tailored midi dresses in leopard, mono-printed palazzo pants, and pleats. Lots of pleats. Yes?

Also this week, a TON of new detail about the wedding day itself has been unearthed. You can click play on the video below to see some fabulously enthusiastic American newscasters get their knickers in a twist about the day (we love American news. Seriously; you don’t get animated graphics like THAT on the BBC). Basically – although this little factoid is not mentioned in the below - the proceedings are going to start at the crack of dawn when all of the ten gazillion journalists who are covering the wedding will be forced to attempt to battle their way through hoards of tourists in order to get to work. A-HEM.

Also around this ungodly time, The Queen will release a statement revealing what names she will bestow on the couple. Current faves are that William and Kate will take the title ‘Duke of Clarence, Cambridge, Connaught, Sussex, Kendal, Avondale, Strathearn, or Teviotdale’. It’s also possible that William will become the Duke of Windsor, a title not used since that dreadful affair with the American woman, or he and Kate might have the name of some other made-up place (Teviotdale?) bestowed upon them, like Greendale, Walford or Erinsborough. 

Following that announcement, guests will start to arrive at the wedding from the ludicrously early time of 8.30 am. At 10.30 or so, Carole Middleton will arrive through a special VVIP entrance, followed by William’s family, who will arrive by minibus between 10.40 and 10.50, with the Queen and Prince Philip being last to arrive. William, obviously, will appear with Prince Harry at some point before 11.

Finally, Kate will arrive at the Abbey with her father at 11am and at this point, a press release will be issued with the details of Kate’s wedding dress, creating a frantic struggle to get the story online with as few typos as is humanly possible.

Following the wedding ceremony, there will be a balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace, when the couple are likely to be goaded into kissing for the cameras, and following this, we assume, there will be a LOT of drinking. And not just at the Grazia office. We. Cannot. WAIT! 

- Alex Butt


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