Royal Wedding: The magic coin answers your questions!

30 March 2011

So, Grazia Daily has asked, and Colin The Coin has answered. Will Kate release a post-wedding workout DVD? Who will Prince Philip unintentionally insult first? And IS Sarah Burton designing the wedding dress? Click play below to find out the answers to our favourite four questions!


The questions we didn’t have time to ask Colin ON camera (he gets a bit shy; doesn’t like the attention) we quizzed him on in the green room. And what did he say? Well, he said this:

@lirogiro What will the wedding favours be? Heads = Party Pieces party bags, and Tails = a swarovski crystal replica of the crown jewels. Answer: HEADS. Carole Middleton wouldn't miss a marketing opporinuty like that, surely?

- Who will win the coveted traditional post-wedding 'How Many Pints Of Snakebite Can You Sink In An Hour' competition? Heads = Liz, and Tails = Camilla. Answer: HEADS.

@Bigbananafeet What will be the preferred cocktails of choice at the wedding reception? Heads - a sophisticated gin-based "Royal Arrival". _OR Tails - a more temperamental latin-spirited "Dark and Stormy"...what a rum do! Let's just pray no "Hairy Virgins" make an appearance. TAILS

@LRS What will they have their first Royal wedding dance/knees-up to? Heads = "2 Become 1" from Will's childhood favourites, The Spice Girls (perhaps Kate could sport bunches in homage to Baby Spice?) and Tails = Kanye West's "Gold digger" - can't think where we got inspiration for this one from... Answer: HEADS. Though Colin knows a coin who knows a coin, who said that for about twelve quid and a bag of chips on the way home, he could get Emma Bunton to sing it herself.

@swheat80 Never mind her something blue, what's her something OLD going to be?: Heads for last season's Rigby & Pellar, Tails for Queenie's (or nanny's if you're Katie) greys? Answer: TAILS. EEeeewww!

@blahblahblah Will Katie be captivated by the UK Uncut protesters thronging the streets and egg her mother-in-law? Well, you didn't give us a Heads or Tails option for that, but Colin says: HEADS. Which is a bit ominous, no? We hope that isn't some sort of omen...

- Alex Butt


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