One Month To Go: Royal Wedding News Special!

29 March 2011

With only 31 days to go (Grazia = demented with excitement. Someone is REALLY going to have to tell us this isn’t our wedding) there is a veritable banquet of news for you to feast on. Which provides a nice link into our first story. 

In spite of the oft-repeated ‘this is going to be a low-key wedding’ mantra, it seems that the reception for Kate and William’s wedding on the 29th April is going to be a pretty decadent affair. Either that, or our definition of low-key is different to the royals’. (Clearly).

It emerged this week that 19 of the state rooms at Buckingham Palace will be utilised during the course of the day, from the state dining room (the red silk damask lined room where William and Kate held the photo call to mark their engagement) to the white drawing room (you’ll recognise that one from ‘The Queen’) and the music room. It was also revealed by the Palace that guests will be sampling the best of British cuisine with the palace releasing images of some of the 60 staff who are booked in to work on the big day preparing a feast of peculiar looking mini-treats. Yum...? 

Also on the food front, it has emerged that the couple will be celebrating with two cakes, unlike the 27 (no, really) that were created for the wedding of Charles and Diana. The first of William and Kate’s cakes will be a multi tiered traditional fruit cake, created by Leicestershire-based cake maker Fiona Cairns, which is set to be decorated with flowers and fresh fruit. Deeelish. The other, less orthodox offering will be a weird mix of rich tea biscuits and dark chocolate that is chilled in a fridge and left to set. Apparently one of William’s favourites, this sound suspiciously like what Grazia Daily used to call ‘poo cake’, but we’re guessing the Queen won’t sanction that title on the official menu. 

Also this week, the LA Times has revealed what it believes to be a guide to Kate Middleton’s London. Reading like a roll call of ‘places you could take your Mum’, the list includes sophisticated high street giants like L K Bennett, Jigsaw and Reiss, as well as Peter Jones – the poshest John Lewis in all the world, populated entirely by brittle spinsters called Bunty – and TK MAXX. Now, you remember a while ago there was a story about Kate liking TK MAXX, because she’s just a NORMAL girl form Berkshire, right? Well, our challenge to you is this: if anyone, anywhere, has actually seen Kate step inside a TK MAXX, at any point in the history of the world, then we want hear about it. 

So, from real royalty, to ITV1 royalty – King Simon Cowell of Pop has been FORCED to reschedule the London X Factor audition because he doesn’t have any judges it was set to coincide with the wedding day. Well, we for one are relieved, because that might have created a very awkward situation for Dannii Minogue, who spoke out this week about the possibility of her label Project D designing the dress. Kinda. Actually, we think she was joking, which totally makes us love her. She wrote ‘I've made no secret of the fact that the Project D team is waiting, sketch pad and tape measure in hand, ready to spring into action should Clarence House come a-calling. But oddly the phones have remained strangely silent on that front’. S’funny, no? 

It has also emerged that both Kate and William have already celebrated their respective stag and hen nights in a very under-the-radar fashion. Kate, apparently, had a low-key night in with friends some time last week (is that not just what the rest of us call ‘a weekend’? Anyway) with a friend telling the Daily Telegraph ‘she has already had her hen night, but it was certainly low-key’. Meanwhile, Wills celebrated his stag do in a slightly more high octane fashion, by spending the day doing a pub crawl of central London dressed in a Borat mankini and 'See You Jimmy' wig, before the group were denied entry to Spearmint Rhino because Harry had forgotten how to use his legs. Honestly! It’s true! We saw them! At least we THINK it was them…. (Actually, in the interests of, like, libel, we should point out that William’s stag do is believed to have been held on a friend’s estate in Norfolk and was organized by Harry and nightclub owner Guy Pelly.) 

Finally, it turns out that there are some brilliant odds being offered on wedding related bets. Sky bet is currently offering odds of 20/1 that Fergie will catch the bouquet (from Monaco? She’s not even going to be in the country) whilst there are odds of 33/1 on Kate wearing a black dress (Caroline Charles?). However, none of these bets has been assessed using a magic coin, which Grazia Daily feels is rather remiss. We are about to flip Colin the magic coin NOW, sofor all the results to OUR royal wedding bets, check back with us first thing tomorrow! 

- Alex Butt


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