Ask The Magic Coin Your Royal Wedding Questions!

25 March 2011

commemorative coin

SO. The World Cup had Paul the octopus, the Oscars had Heidi the boss-eyed opossum and the Royal Wedding, Grazia Daily has decided, will have Colin the magic coin. 


Colin the magic coin is, fundamentally, the same as all the other £5 commemorative coins issued by the Royal Mint for the forthcoming wedding, except for one big difference – COLIN has the ability to predict the future by the manner of a magical game called ‘Heads or Tails’.

Next Tuesday it will be one month exactly until the royal wedding day, and blessed as he is with these extraordinary powers, Colin is set to be tossed skyward to his heart's content as we ask him to predict the answers to all the crucially important wedding-based questions. Like, will Carole Middleton wear lilac or powder blue? Will Chelsy Davy's outfit elicit a disapproving glance from Princess Anne or Camilla? Oooh....

So, what we need from you lovely people is to let us know what questions you want us to ask Colin. We want the most imaginative and bonkers questions you can think of, as long as they have a 50/50 answer (bearing in mind Colin can only provide a 'heads or tails' answer. I mean he’s bright but not THAT bright). Just type your suggestions it in the little boxes below, then check back in with us on Tuesday when we'll have all the answers. Literally ALL the answers. To everything. 

S'gonna be immense. 

- Alex Butt


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