Royal Wedding News Round-Up!

11 March 2011

Here is a question: How difficult is it to cast an accurate likeness on the side of a coin? Considering that we now have, y’know, computers and things these days, and it’s a practice that that has been going on since approximately the time of Nero, Grazia Daily assumed it must not be completely impossible. HOWEVER, the Royal Mint seem to have slightly failed to cast the beautiful Kate Middleton accurately on what will be the official coin to commemorate her wedding. Who knows; maybe they were looking at a picture of Princess Anne instead?

In stark contrast, another mint company has come up with this week’s most tack-tacular piece of merchandise, in the form of this charming Kate Middleton doll. In news sure to delight unmarried women of a certain age across the globe, the Franklin Mint has just released images of the OFFICIAL Kate Middleton doll which is, actually, creepily realistic in a kind of Katie Holmes-meets-Cheryl Cole kinda way. Priced at £120, the doll sees Kate sport a pallid version of the Issa dress she wore to announce her engagement (wonder if Daniella Helayel is getting a cut of however many gazillions of pounds this will make for the Franklin Mint? Unlikely…) The doll is set to be followed immediately after the wedding by a doll featuring Kate in her wedding dress. Obviously, we can barely wait.

Also this week - and this is genuinely exciting - Daphne Guinness, who was of course a muse and friend of the late Lee McQueen, has spoken about the possibility of Kate wearing Alexander McQueen on her big day. Writing for the Telegraph, Daphne shares thoughts about the possibility, saying ‘I would wager that it will be one of the most interesting and beautiful dresses ever made. Burton's creations, after all, are the apogee of fantasy and beauty.’ Amen to that, sister.
What we love about this is a) the fact that Daphne is as brilliantly theatrical on paper as she is stylistically, and b) as a McQueen insider, Daphne is QUITE likely to know one way or another if the rumours about Sarah Burton being the designer are completely unfounded or not. And if they were completely unfounded, then why would she be bothering to speculate in this way? Precisement, Grazia Daily readers. *thrills*

Finally this week we have the news that ‘artist’ Wayne Kusy, of Chicago (also almost certainly unmarried – anyone else spotting a theme here?) has lovingly recreated the now-iconic image of William and Kate at the press call to announce their engagement using only toothpics. 137 toothpics, to be precise. And some black card. Is it just Grazia Daily, or does this remind anyone else of the intro to ‘Funnybones’?
It does, right? 

- Alex Butt


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