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11 February 2011

Spotted! Bride-to-be Kate Middleton was out and about this week after a month long period of hiding (in which she is presumably enjoying her last few weeks of normal life). This week, Kate had lunch with her future step-mother-in-law, The Duchess of Cornwall - aka Camilla - at Koffmann’s Restaurant at the Berkeley Hotel, where Kate APPARENTLY indulged in foie gras AND was spotted clutching a copy of Grazia magazine. Doubly fancy.

Grazia Daily wondered if, perhaps, Kate’s luncheon with Camilla was related to another news story this week, which suggests that Kate is going to be attending a special Princess School. According to the Daily Mail, Kate is being tutored by Sir David Manning in subjects which may or may not include: The fine art of smiling and waving, a double period of politeness studies and a special afterschool course in pretending to be fascinated as you tour workshops and factories. Grazia Daily likes to imagine that these lessons will take place in a great big Disney themed house somewhere in the countryside, where everyone is forced to wear pink tulle at all times, and other students include Queen Latifah and Princess Tiamii. *dreams*

Aaanyway. Also this week, Prince William made headlines when artist Jennifer Rubell brought her artwork ‘Engagement’ to London’s Stephen Friedman gallery. The piece consists of a lifesize waxwork of Wills, complete with a replica of THE engagement ring affixed to his arm. Viewers are then invited to put their arm through William’s slip their finger into the ring, thus allowing them to imagine what it might be like to be Kate Middleton for a moment. Do you see?

As Grazia Daily’s Royal correspondent, it was entirely predictable that Alex Butt would have to be prised away from the fake Wills by two large bouncers, and only then when the nice people at BBC waved their camera. But - once the ring was finally sawn off - we were lucky enough to grab a few moments with the lovely Jennifer who revealed that the waxwork was made in just eleven weeks, rather than the eight months it normally takes, and that the final parts of the waxwork (the head, we guess) was only brought to London that morning. Wanna know what else we realised when we were standing up there a la Kate? William is MASSIVE. Height wise.

In other news on the art front, artist Rich Simmons has transformed William and Kate into Punk icons Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, along with a torn Union Jack and the slogan 'Future King'. The mural was unveiled today at London's Southbank and - burrilliantly - the artist behind the piece is also Prince's Trust ambassador. Guffaw.

As well as this piece of punk-based wedding memorabilia, another artist called Zoobs has unveiled his portrait of Kate, based on the Sex Pistols ‘God Save the Queen’ album cover of 1077. Zoobs’ piece features Kate with the slogan ‘God Save The Future Queen’ (yep) and is on sale for an eye watering £20k with all the profits being donated to the charity Freedom From Sorrow.

Also this week, Kate has topped a chart of the most influential style terms. The Mirror reports that Kate has unseated Lady Gaga from the top spot, and now reigns supreme along with ‘Mobama’, the words ‘sheer’, ‘shirt dresses’ and ‘sustainable style’. If there’s one thing we’ll say for Kate, it’s this:  She does keep very good company.

And finally, our favourite piece of entirely unfounded gossip this week comes from Neil Sean’s the Green Room, that little bit in the Metro which offers tit bits of nonsense about all manner of celebz. According to Sean, Kate ‘plays west end musical ‘Love Never Dies’ while in the car with her protection officer’ and has said of the Andrew Lloyd Webber penned drama ‘I love the story – it’s so romantic’. Which is exactly why we love her.

- Alex Butt


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