Royal Wedding: All The News!

19 January 2011

You’ll never believe it, but apparently Kate Middleton has CHOSEN the designer of her wedding dress, with just fourteen weeks until her big day. Grazia Daily had visions of her rifling through the rails of Berketex a week before the wedding, but it appears we are set to be disappointed. However, Kate’s organised approach to her forthcoming nuptials is no use to fashion journalists across the world, since a palace spokesperson revealed that ‘It’s Miss Middleton’s intention to keep the dress a secret for her bridegroom on their wedding day, as is every bride’s prerogative.’ But where’s the fun in that? For us, we mean. 

Speculation that Bruce Oldfield is The One has been rife ever since the word go, and this week it reached fever pitch as Kate’s sister Pippa and mother Carole were spotted at his boutique where they spent 90 minutes frolicking amongst the frocks. This has been taken by some fashion news outlets to mean that Oldfield is DEFINITELY the designer, but as genius NY mag fashion blog The Cut points out, maybe Kate doesn’t want to let her mother take charge of arguably the most important dress she’ll ever wear. Even a trendy mum like Carole Middleton, with her Jennifer Aniston highlights and skinny jeans, might suggest one too many ruffles and fabric roses for Kate’s taste, so it’s not impossible that Pippa and Carole were either shopping for their own outfits for the big day, or just happened to be passing and saw the ‘sale’ sign or, in fact, were dancing a merry jig with the paparazzi who have since gone completely wild outside Oldfield’s swanky London store.

An employee of Bruce Oldfield has since revealed to the Telegraph that the situation is ‘mayhem... Every time a customer arrives at the shop, they [the press] all try and swarm inside, pushing in through the door with her. Their bravado is astounding. We've had press inquiries ever since the engagement was announced, but now it's gone completely global’. >Cut to Carole Middleton rubbing her hands with glee<

In other news, it has emerged that Kate, like Grazia Daily, is a fan of a bargain, with a ‘source’ telling Us Weekly that Kate’s favourite place for a spot of retail therapy is none other than TK Maxx. According to the aforementioned ‘source’, Kate ‘loves to shop for bargains, mixing and matching high street clothes and designer. She has a great eye for that.’ Whilst there’s no denying that she is always very well turned out, Grazia Daily wonders which particular branch of TK Maxx it is that Kate visits, and finds so many lovely Issa dresses in stock. Just wonderin’.

In the great race to secure Kate’s first magazine cover, US Harpers Bazaar is emerging as frontrunner ahead of Vogue, and in the time-honoured tradition of just-about-everything, it’s not what you know but who you know that’s clinched it. UK Harpers’ features editor, Sara Buys, is married to the Duchess of Cornwall’s (Camilla’s) son Tom, which is obviously no bad thing in terms of nabbing Kate for the cover. Asked whether Kate was set to be US Harper’s cover girl, editor Glenda Bailey replied in an infuriating riddle, saying ‘I'm very fortunate to be editor-in-chief of [US] Harper's Bazaar and, as a result, have lots of people who want to be on the cover. We're very, very fortunate to have some of the great Kate’s appear on our cover — Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett. Who knows the future?’ Ugh.

And finally, because we like to save the best till last, People magazine has sent one of their poor unsuspecting reporters to deepest Berkshire to visit Kate’s homeland. Click here to see the video, to gaze at images of The Old Boot Inn, or the village green, or swoon at local butcher, Martin Fiddler. Luckily for all of us, People's Simon Perry isn’t the only person to be afforded the chance to see where Kate grew up, because now a local travel agent’s, Morton’s, are including Bucklebury on their ‘Royal Berkshire Tour’ which will cost gullible American tourists visitors £10 for adults and £7.50 for children.

Get the girls on the phone, ladies and gents, because Grazia Daily is going on a road trip!

- Alex Butt


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