Royal Wedding Round Up: souvenirs, David Dimbleby & a striking resemblance...

15 December 2010

A month since the announcement, and we turn away from the actual fact-based wedding minutiae towards the really important stuff: souvenirs. As everyone with a grandparent or vintage-obsessed flatmate will know, royal memorabilia was a huge deal back in the day, with many a person in them-days enjoying their nightly Horlicks from a mug commemorating the birth/death and/or marriage of some obscure minor Royal.

In a bid to be more contemporary for the marriage of Kate and William, however, the Lord Chamberlain has declared that only items of a ‘permanent and significant’ nature may be produced and allowed to carry the couple’s image, William’s official coat of arms and the words ‘To Commemorate the Marriage of Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton, 29th April 2011’.

The bonkers list, seemingly lifted from a wartime gift-guide, states that whilst mugs, headscarves, plates and trays (who uses trays anymore?) are allowed - as are carpets, cushions and wall hangings. Not making the cut is a list that includes all packaging, tea towels (boo) aprons (not bothered) and T-shirts. NO! Not T-shirts too! Fun stealers. This list does not, of course, apply to unofficial merchandise which may well be technically not-allowed but will almost certainly way cooler than the official stuff.

In other news to upset your granny, David Dimbleby has reportedly lost out on the job of presenting the wedding for the BBC in favour of hot-if-you-like-that-sort-of-thing Huw Edwards. Dimbleby, it is believed, is seen more as a heavyweight political anchor (glasses on end of nose = serious journalist) whilst Huw can cross boundaries and do heavyweight or frivolous, whilst simultaneously appealing to Mums everywhere. Edwards yesterday released a statement saying ‘I am delighted with the news and consider it a great honour to play a part in what I am sure will be a huge national celebration’.  

And finally, whilst Grazia Daily loves the official engagement pictures of Kate and William taken by Mario TestinoPeople magazine has got us wondering if we've seen them somewhere before? People has pointed out that the images bear a striking resemblance to a shot of Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Charles used for an invitation during their engagement. Whilst we kinda see their point, Grazia Daily thinks it’s clear that Kate and William look far more at ease in each other’s company that Diana and Charles, doncha think? Or is it simply that the gift of hindsight a wonderful thing? Hmmm….

- Alex Butt

Alex Butt is Grazia Daily's self-appointed Royal Correspondent. In coming months, Alex will be reporting on all matters pertaining to the forthcoming nuptials in excruciating detail right here on the site. Should you have any burning questions, style musings or historical facts you would like investigating, Alex would be delighted to hear from you. Please post your thoughts below and Alex will try and pick up on as many as possible in his reports. In the meantime, catch up with his latest reports HERE!


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