What's In A Name? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know About The Name George

24 July 2013 by

Baby Cambridge has been named! Yes, Kate and Wills' first born is called George Alexander Louis, if you please. So what's in a name? We asked our pals over at BabyCentre’s Royal Baby Team...

What's In A Name? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know About The Name George

'George is a very fitting name for a future King and has been a firm favourite amongst BabyCentre mums since the start of Kate's pregnancy,' says Sarah Barrett, Managing Editor of BabyCentre.co.uk. '47% of mums voted this as their favourite name for Kate and Wills' baby boy back in January. The name is currently number seven in BabyCentre's baby name chart, we are expecting to see it in the top five by this time next year.'

Here are some more important facts you should know about the name George...
1. According to BabyCentre’s 2012 list of top baby names, George was the sixth most popular name last year, up seven places from 2011 when it ranked 13th.  This year, the name has been climbing up the baby name chart and is currently at number seven in BabyCentre’s 2013 midyear ranking.
2. It’s likely that Baby George was named after his great-great-Grandfather King George VI (The Queen’s father), though one of William’s cousins on Diana’s side is also called George.  
3. The name George has a long Royal heritage since it was first used in 1280 by George I of Bulgaria. George has also been the moniker of choice for many other Royal figures: King George VI, Prince George of Denmark, Prince George William of Hanover and George I of Greece. The name stems from the Greek name Georgios, which means "farmer” or “earthworker", which is from the word ge, meaning "earth" and the word ergon, meaning "work".
4. Other famous people with the name George include George Osbourne, George Harrison of The Beatles, the singer George Michael, TV presenter George Lamb, actor George Clooney, and British politician George Galloway. Colin Firth won his Best Actor Oscar in 2010 for his portrayal of King George VI in The King’s Speech.
5. And everyone knows that as soon as a couple has their first child, friends and family start asking when they’ll have their next little one! While Wills and Kate are basking in the joy of their son’s arrival, BabyCentre is already thinking about what their next child could be named. Ideas include James for a second Prince, or Alice, Victoria or Charlotte for a little Princess.

Want more? Use the graph below to delve into the facts behind the UK's most popular baby names...


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