Prince Harry Says He’ll Make Sure Prince George 'Has Fun' - But What Kind Of Fun?

26 July 2013 by

Prince Harry Speaks Out On Prince Cambrige: 'I'm An Expensive Babysitter!'

At just four days old Prince George of Cambridge has earned himself the title of the most talked about baby on the planet this week. And it’s not just us commoners whittling on about how excited we are even his own family have been having a good old natter about Kate and William’s adorable new addition.

Last night Prince Harry, aka Uncle Haz, as we’re sure he will now be known discussed his new nephew at The Getty Gallery in London where photographer Chris Jackson was holding an exhibition which highlight his work with charity Sentebale.

‘When I saw him he was crying, which is just like all babies,' he said, adding, 'It's fantastic to have another addition to the family, I only hope my brother knows how expensive my baby sitting charges are!' Oh Harry, how you make us laugh.

Describing what kind of uncle he is going to be he said the most important things to him were 'to make sure he has a good upbringing and to keep him out of harm's way and make sure he has fun. The rest of it I'll leave to the parents.'

Now given that Prince Harry is known as the ‘Party Prince’ for good reason, here’s what we imagine he will have planned for little George in the following years…

 Prince Harry Speaks Out On Prince Cambrige: 'I'm An Expensive Babysitter!'

Aged 2: Wacky Wheelchair races

Not so much a race as Harry zooming around with George strapped into his fourwheeler  - cue Kate repeatedly screaming, ‘NOT SO FAST HARRY’ whilst trying hard not to have a heart attack.

Aged 6: Practical jokes are on you

You know that episode of Friends where Rachel looks after Ross’ son Ben and teaches him loads of practical jokes like covering a toilet in cling film. Yeah, well Harry and George will be like that, but posher.

Aged 12: Harry’s dating workshop

Prince Harry is certainly versed in the dating world. From long term love Chelsy Davy to new girlfriend Cressida Bonas, underwear model Florence Brudenell-Bruce and even a rumoured romance with Mollie King from the Saturdays. We're pretty sure he'll be teaching George the tricks of the trade early on...

Aged 16: A teenagers first tipple

At the family Christmas lunch Harry will sneak George off to a quiet room – presumably in a Palace somewhere – where he will slip him a small bottle of Smirnoff. The rest of the family will only notice when a drunken George stumbles over one of the Queen’s Corgis.

Age 18: Oh dear

When George is actually of legal age to drink, we can’t even imagine what kind of trouble he and Harry will get into. Well, we can but it’s too rude to write.


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