ROYAL BABY MANIA! As Kate Middleton Reaches Her Due Date, We Offer A Guide to the #RoyalBabyWatch

13 July 2013 by

Like the rest of the world, GraziaDaily is on #RoyalBabyWatch today, and experiencing the excitement (or more accurately the unbridled hysteria) of the occasion. With the countdown on – the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly due to give birth TODAY, even though her other half is playing polo - all eyes are on the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital and Buckingham Palace with the world’s media and well-wishers encamped in the capital.

Not Since The Royal Wedding Has There Been Such National Interest in the Royals

So while we all remain on tenterhooks, why not escape #RoyalBabyAnxiety by reading through the most bonkers moments of the #RoyalBabyHype so far. Good luck Kate & Wills!


Bored of constantly refreshing your Twitter feed to see if the Royal sprog has popped yet? Click on to and you will get your answer. Currently the page tells us ‘No, Move along please.’ Simple, but effective.

2. Royally Fascinated

It’s not just us Brits that are getting in a frenzy – it’s worth remembering that the #RoyalBaby will also be King or Queen of many other countries including for example, Australia. No wonder then that so many nations are committed to marking the birth of the royal bump. In Canada, Toronto’s CN Tower and Niagra Falls will light up pink or blue in honour of the birth, depending of course, on whether the baby is a boy or a girl and over in New Zealnd over 20 landmarks will follow suit including Auckland’s Sky Tower. Baby-mania or what?!

Will it be blue or pink? Niagra Falls Honours The Royal Baby

3. All Bets Are On

Bookies are working overtime to take as many bets as possible related to the Royal Baby. However, some offices are now refusing to take bets on the name Alexandra for a royal girl baby. The baby is currently odds on to be born weighing under 5lbs and the odds are 11/4 for the baby being ginger.

More bizarrely you can bet on what age Will & Kate’s offspring will be when they are first pictured in a national newspaper coming out of a nightclub and the name of his or her first boyfriend or girlfriend. Tarquin is currently 60/1.

Royal Baby Betting

4. Crazed #RoyalBaby Tweets

The twittersphere has been hi-jacked by #RoyalBaby tweeters, some prefer to make a joke, while others hyperventilate...

5. Media Madness

The world’s media has thrown everything including the kitchen sink at the #RoyalBabyWatch and all are competing territorially for the best shot of the doorway of St Mary’s Lindo Wing. The BBC and SkyNews have prime positions with the foreign crews having to place their cameras at a slightly different vantage points. But all are on 12 hour round-the-clock shifts, waiting for the moment the new baby is presented to the world. In today’s scorchio heat, we can imagine all will be feeling a little weary – some have been in situ for nearly two weeks already!

The Media Take Their Positions Outside the Lindo Wing


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