Giles Deacon’s Cycling tips!

20 July 2011

So, because we are at lovely Giles Deacon’s studio today, and because he is famous for his cycling style AND general fashion nous, we though – who better to create a blog post for our Pedalling In Heels blog than the great man himself. Here’s what he had to tell us. . . .

Giles Daily: What should you wear for a cycling session, eh, Giles?

GILES: ‘It depends on where you are going. If you are just going down the canal on a Sunday afternoon, then you don’t need to dress up. You can just wear something practical. You see girls wearing all sorts on bikes round London. As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to style tips it’s more a case of things to avoid than things to look out for.

Something you can move your legs in freely is best, something with freedom of movement.

You do see girls wearing high heels on bikes but I’m not sure that is a good idea. Especially if you are cycling on a busy main road – it’s a health and safety issue isn’t it? Not sure that’s a good idea.’

GD: Where do you stand on wearing helmets, Giles? Have you ever seen any really trendy ones?

GILES: ‘You can get stylish ones. I’m not sure what the brand name is, but they are those nice fibreglass ones that come in nice dark green colours and that.

I think you should get a specific cycle helmet though – I think if I saw someone coming down the road with a velvet riding hat that would scare me. I’d just think – that is the wrong side of eccentric.’

The 2011 Serpentine Gallery Pavillion

GD: What the nicest cycle routes to try, in your opinion, Giles?

GILES: ‘In East London (Giles’ Studios are in the vicinity of Brick Lane in East London) I like to go further East, out to Victoria Park, maybe pass by St Pauls and then through the City of London then right up into Angel.

Another possibility would be going up to Camden on the canal that’s a nice one.

A very nice place in London is going through Green Park and into Hyde Park. Then you can go for a look around the Serpentine Gallery and see the geese. Canadian geese they are by the Serpentine. So there are lots of nice places to go.

Or you could take your bike on the train, and go and cycle round Richmond Park. There’s lots of really nice deer in Richmond. Simply catch a train from Waterloo.’ 

Thank you so much Giles!  



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