In This Week's Issue: Kristen Stewart's Shock Reunion With Robert Pattinson PLUS 55 High Street Heroes

12 August 2013 by

Kristen Stewart hit headlines last week following a public emotional outburst and an unexpected reunion with her ex Robert Pattinson. Are Hollywood's most famous young lovers back on again?

Is sex with an ex always a bad idea? Conventional wisdom suggests that sleeping with a former partner is disastrous. But new research is suggesting otherwise. Writer Kate Wills explains why one last hurrah can be the best thing to come from a split.

The 2013 equivalent of living for the weekend? Splurging at the weekend. Meet the women who live like paupers Monday to Friday so they can spend Saturday night in style.

Forget cleavage. Right now, fashion's new erogenous zone is the back. Featuring detailing from subtle peekaboo cut-outs to a dramatic plunge, we show you our top five silhouettes for this new reveal.

The key to harnessing the true potential of your skincare products lies in when, not how you apply them. We present the new day, night and weekend specific skin heroes.

If you're after glowing skin, a lot more energy and dropping some extra kilos along the way, it's time to adopt the latest stateside craze: part-time veganism. We tell you why it's a whole lot easier (and tastier) than you think...

New drama Southcliffe is filling the hole left by The Returned. But given its subject matter - a killer on the rampage in a small Kent village - don't expect an easy ride. We talk to actress Kaya Scodelario about why TV should confront even the darkest issues...

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Laura French (Mon Aug 19 16:31:21 BST 2013): Russell Brand thinks he’s very clever referring to marital sex as monk-like and pretending Katy Perry was someone else in the sack. But selling the “men don’t do monogamy” routine is conceited and out of date. Current research (see Daniel Bergner’s new book) blasts this myth, telling us all what we already knew; that women’s libido’s are just as high and we crave variety even more than men do. The difference is we think about the consequences of our actions and would never be so cruel as to admit we were thinking of R-Patz last night.

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