In This Week’s Issue: Kate Middleton's Baby Shower PLUS The Tongue Patch Diet Craze

10 June 2013

The sun’s still here (just) so why not grab yourself this week’s Grazia and keep working on that tan. Inside the new issue, we have a chat with one of the world’s biggest models Karlie Kloss, The inside track on Kate Middleton’s ‘babymoon’ AND the coolest holiday outfits of 2013. Here's what else lays in store...

In This Week’s Issue: Kate Middleton In Waiting PLUS The New ‘Tongue Patch’ Diet Craze

In around four weeks, Britain will welcome a new royal baby. But how is the Duchess of Cambridge preparing for motherhood? This week, as she disappears from the public life, Grazia gets up to date with Kate’s preparations. 

Meet the new ‘tongue patch’ diet craze - the latest weight-loss fad from Los Angeles takes slimming to a new extreme. It’s a postage stamp-sized piece of abrasive plastic sewn into your tongue to stop you eating. Weird, right?

Do you deserve a better paid job because you're beautiful? The launch of a recruitment agency exclusively for good-looking people last week sparked controversy about a new form of workplace discrimination. Fran Straker (a member of the site) argues it makes business sense-because good looks make of a better employee.

American beauty Karlie Kloss is one of the world’s top models, a millionaire muse from Missouri, and only 20 years old. She talks exclusively to Grazia about her BFFs Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn, baking cookies and why her haircut is ‘the new Rachel’.

Ready, Jet Set… GO! Going anywhere nice this summer? Whether you’re beaching in Brazil or weekending in Weymouth, we’ve got the coolest pieces to pack.

PLUS get your hands on a Wilbur & Gussie clutch filled with goodies whilst raising money for charity TUSK with our goodie bag competition AND get 25% off H&M for the whole week.

So have you got your Grazia?


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Patricia Keiller (Sun Jun 16 12:23:38 BST 2013): Fran Straker is helping to promote a society that worships beauty and youth. Apart from the fact that I found her opinions to be shallow and superficial, they were also badly thought out. She seems to lump together looking untidy and inappropriately dressed with being beautiful. Whilst I would think an employer to be perfectly within his/her rights to not employ someone who they considered to be untidy, slovenly, or simply lacking in care over their general appearance, this is not the same as discriminating against someone simply because they are ugly or overweight. Her opinions and attitudes do nothing to help women and men who may already have self esteem issues. It is because of the attitudes expressed by people like Fran Straker that we have huge numbers of young girls and women with anorexia, or who self harm. Furthermore, if I were an employer I would not choose the most beautiful candidate for the job simply because I believe that a great many truly stunning people have probably had to work less hard, and have had fewer struggles and obstacles to surmount than their less gorgeous counterparts. I know this is not necessarily the case, and a bit of a generalisation, but it does seem to me that if fighting to achieve what you want makes you stronger, then if you have had to struggle less then you must be weaker. If I were an employer looking to take on a new employee I would want someone strong, intelligent and resilient, not inexperienced and beautiful.

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