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In this Week’s Grazia: Beyoncé’s Double Life, The Shock Rise Of Size 000 + Free Starbucks Frappuccino!

It’s Tuesday, which can mean only one thing - it’s time for your weekly dose of all things Grazia! This week, we bring you an update on Beyoncé and Jay Z’s tour backlash and the scandal surrounding abuse claims against Terry Richardson. You also must read our report on the disturbing rise of size triple zero clothing to meet the demands of an ever-increasing ‘skinny Hollywood’ shoppers.  What's more, we provide 25 best festival buys and bring you a real life story about why one woman would rather be at work than at home with her baby.

Here’s a quick roundup of the highlights from this week's issue…
Double Life of Beyoncé Knowles’
With the ‘On the run tour’ about to kick off this week;  Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s rumoured marriage troubles are also having a knock on effect on their ticket sales! With tens of thousands of unsold tickets, half empty arena’s and separate hotels: Grazia takes a look at the those infidelity rumours and the fans backlash.  
Bruce and Demi’s Daughters gone wild?
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughters are making headlines Stateside with their ‘out-of-control antics’; we take a look at the Willis girls spiralling behaviour and the events that could be behind it.
'I’d Rather Be At Work Than At Home With My Daughter'
Anna Wharton explains how she has struggled with motherhood and why we need to lift the lid on the taboos around motherhood.  Do you think motherhood is boring?  Join the debate…
Festival Fashion Fever
The festival season is just about to kick off and we’ve selected the best festie staples your backpack NEEDS.  You owe it to yourself to invest in these pieces that will see you rocking out in style.
The New Nail Rules
Our beauty department give you the low-down on this season’s simple, chic nail trends plus meet the new haircut of the moment - bobs have gone bad.
Goodie Bag Gorgeousness
Each and every week, we give you the opportunity to win gorgeous goodies and whilst doing so, raising money for charity.  This week is no exception with a Stark seductress clutch worth £1,295 up for grabs!
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Sara Naveda (Thu Jul 03 22:37:12 BST 2014): Wowee, what an immature article by Anna Wharton, all at once reigniting the flame of contention between working and stay-at-home mothers, whilst pretending to be enlightened and progressive. She writes 'all respect to the full-time mums' but then fails to show them any, with trite comments such as 'I didn't want to mix with other mums I had nothing in common with' and 'I'd once used my brain every day alongside a group of intelligent, stimulating people'. If Anna takes a moment to step off her self-important high horse, she might reflect on the fact that those 'other mums' might also be 'intelligent, stimulating people'. They might simply have a stronger resolve to dedicating time to their children's early years and to building a deeply personal bond with them. This does not automatically equate to singing 'incy wincy spider until...hoarse' or preferring Play-Doh to paid work. I'm talking from personal experience. Having suspended a lucrative career for nearly 8 years, I am fortunate I worked hard enough to have the option to restart my career at the same level, when my children start school. I believe it is possible to have it all but not necessarily at the same time. It takes patience and a lot of compromise, but I stand by my choice. The point is, to each their own. It's a personal decision, often born out of circumstance, finance or self-awareness, simply understanding that full-time parenthood isn't for them. There is no need to denigrate one group of mums to emphasise the beliefs of another. What about all those with jobs, don't they ever find them boring? Of course they do. Anna's patronising stance does nothing to advance the sisterhood. She talks of 'outdated attitudes', well she has one and I sincerely hope Grazia avoids similar journalism in the future and in doing so, stops stoking the fire. The mums I know are united and we do support each other, whatever the individual's choice or circumstance. We've moved on, perhaps you should too. Sara

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