Grazia Readers React To This Week’s Issue: Welsh Girls Are Ruling The Fashion Roost!

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With news of Kristen & Rob’s reunion, the second instalment from our favourite new male columnist, a whopping 100 of Autumn’s best pieces in the A List Fashion Report, and a revolutionary way to stop stressing and chill out – namely by saying F*** It – we’ve got a great issue of Grazia on the stands this week, and it seems a lot of you have something to say on the subject!

Grazia Tuesday arrived and was warmly welcomed by Katherine (@Il_Mio_Italiano), "Magazine day is what Tueday’s all about :) can’t wait to get my @Grazia_Live fix!" And she’s not the only one with it marked in her diary – Megan Jones (@megnes) was quick to announce, "It’s @Grazia_Live Tuesaday, yay".

A few of you went flocking, issue in hand, straight to the nearest Warehouse by the sounds of it, thanks to our massive 25% off voucher. Kristabel P (@fashionknista) knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to hunt it down, "Yayyyy 25% off @WareStyle with @Grazia_Live, I’m having a trouser spree!" Whilst Being Oreo (@nlcorner) sorted her Autumn/Winter wardrobe update and seemed pleased as punch with her discount and free delivery. "Thanks for the massive 25% off Warehouse @Grazia_Live leather skirt ordered and free delivery…#discount”.

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This is also the week that Grazia crowned Cardiff the UK’s Best Dressed City, inspiring tweets of delight from fashion enthusiasts and proud Welsh girls. Kirsty Ward (@KirtsyyyE) said, "Lovethat @Grazia_Live voted Welsh girls as the UK’s most stylish! #tidyy", while Sarah Thomas tweeted modestly on behalf of her stylish city, "#Cardiff voted UK’s best dressed city by @Grazia_Live…well we are a good-lucking bunch!"

Elsewhere people shared the love for our feature on the new ‘F*** It’ Therapy. "Love @Grazia_Live for continuing to bring me great articles. F*** It Therapy was made for me’, said Kat Leishman (@Kat_Leishman) - you’re very welcome Kat! It seems that saying "F*** It" is working for you lot already - Lauren Marshall (@MissLPmarshall) gave it a go straight away and said, "Finally calmed down a bit…reading the “F**k It” philosophy in @Grazia_Live…and it actually seems to have worked! #redmistclearing." She wasn’t the only one – Sheena Isokariari (@Shoe_na) said, "Ah love page 129 in this week’s @Grazia_Live FYI it REALLY does work, I’ve used it 3 x today already :)"  Go on, grab an issue and try it for yourself!

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Some of you were left reeling by the thought of applying make up being banned on public transport – Nadia from MTLTS (@morethanshoes) said, "So they want to ban us putting on make up in public in Japan. Leave it! The world is a better place when we’ve got our lippy on", and Steele Paulich (@steele_87) begged, "Banning make up on trains? Nooo…sometimes we just need that extra 20 minutes in bed." We can’t argue with that logic. 

We know you’re a busy bunch but Jessica (@JesDing) has got time management malarkey nailed, tweeting, "Taking an hour out of my busy day to read this week's @Grazia_Live…and relaxxxxx." That’s one girl who knows the restorative powers of A-List news and gorgeous fashion.

Considering it's only Wednesday and the issue has just hit store, there’s still plenty of time to get in on the debate so pick up a copy and let us know what you think by tweeting us at @Grazia_Live.

By Natalie Littlewood


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