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In This Week's Issue: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Are Back On! Could You Forgive A Cheat? PLUS Facebook Facelifts

It's that time again! With fashion weeks around the world in full swing, we're getting our head round our Autumn/Winter shoe wishlist and wondering which leading lady Tom Cruise has set his sights set on now?

It was the affair that rocked Hollywood and movie fans. But last week, it emerged that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have decided to give their relationship another go after an emotional two-hour meeting. Grazia gets the inside scoop.

New research shows that young women are increasingly paranoid about their looks thanks to unflattering photographs on Facebook-and negative comments from 'friends'. Writer Lucille Howe explains how her 'virtual vanity' drove her to have surgery.

When she died in February Whitney Houston has just finished Sparkle - the movie she's always wanted to make - co-starring Jordin Sparks. Grazia talks to Jordin about working with her idol.

PLUS! They say true love is accepting someone for who they are. But what's is like if that someone is tee-total. TV presenter and anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota reveals the truth about being married to Mr. Sober.

Autumn's big news for shoes! From ankle-strap wedges and psychadelic platforms to the 'exit' show, the block and the midi-Grazia presents a hot-off-the-press guide to autumn's headline grabbing shoes.

ALSO, with fashion weeks in full flow, there's a whole host of beauty traumas for the FROW to contend with. From show-stressed skin to stiletto-sore heels, Grazia's guide to beauty SOS means we've got you covered.


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Lucy Folkes (Wed Sep 26 08:21:17 BST 2012): Where is the whistles voucher? Cannot see it anywhere in the mag, feel I'm being daft but could you help? I need me some discount whistles!
Sian Conlon (Wed Sep 26 20:21:44 BST 2012): Tee-total article is shocking. If this is how people feel towards tee-total I think its time for me to become a recluse. Find it hard to understand why this bullshit was published other than to make people who have chosen a rather wise life descision feel socialy retarded.
Mary-Ann Ochota (Sun Sep 30 00:02:13 BST 2012): Hey Sian, Didn't mean to cause offence or harm - my interview with Grazia's writer has come out sounding a bit judgemental and I never intended that. My hubby is absolutely awesome, so are my numerous tee-total friends. I'd be an utter loser if I felt any other way. I was more troubled that it sounds like I need to have a drink to feel like myself - an even more worrying type of social retardation, no? Reading my own interview back has made me question how I feel about my own drinking. In some circumstances I have to admit to wanting a glass of wine for the social lubrication. That's entirely my lack, and not the person who's drinking the water opposite me! Full credit for standing up in the face of peer pressure.

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