The Rise Of The Trauma Tweeters: Liberty Ross Updates Blog With Soaring Bird Photo

21 August 2012 by

The Rise Of The 'Trauma Tweeters' Continues As Liberty Ross Posts Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders

If you've picked up the new issue of Grazia (out today), you'll already be familiar with the phrase 'trauma-tweeting'. Previously, Anna Hart reports, when we felt that our lives were falling apart, we’d call our friends, or sit down and write a lengthy, soul-baring email to our best mate. The 2012 equivalent appears to be telling the world our tales of woe, in 140-character blasts of pain or vitriol via Twitter.

Earlier this month, Liberty Ross deleted her Twitter account after being inundated with responses to her trauma-tweets about Kristen Stewart’s affair with her director husband, Rupert Sanders, who directed her in Snow White and The Huntsman.

The model tweeted the word “WOW” as news of the affair broke, then posted (and deleted) a picture of a drunken Snow White with the caption “Not so pretty or so pure after all”, and finally quoted Marilyn Monroe: “Sometimes good thing fall apart so better things can fall together.” It wasn’t hard to read into that. 

The Rise Of The 'Trauma Tweeters' Continues As Liberty Ross Posts Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders

Since news of her husband's affair broke last month, Liberty has remained silent, using a fierce wardrobe rather than words to remind us she's not going to play the victim.

But yesterday, a poignant message appeared on Liberty's Vogue blog: a single picture of a condor in flight under the title 'Liberty'. Whether it's a statement of freedom and independence, one thing's clear: increasing numbers of scorned women are turning to the Internet for instant therapy - and revenge.

For our feature on what drives us to overshare about our personal traumas online, pick up the new issue of Grazia.


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