Blogger Jo “Girl Eats Food” Fuertes-Knight Makes Olympic Energy Nachos

01 August 2012 by

Jo Fuertes-Knight

If you’ve got yourself down to the shops and picked up a copy of this week’s Grazia, (and why wouldn’t you?) you’ll already be very familiar with Jo Fuertes-Knight.

The 25- year-old writer-turned-chef from North London has shot to viral fame over the last few months with her much-lauded ‘Girl Eats Food’ videos on the Vice Magazine website ( Her satirical take on the food-blogging world takes food porn to a whole other level.

So far we’ve seen her whip up and munch her way through a fake cheese cheesecake, burgers in doughnuts, and deep-fried pickle enchiladas. Jo loves to deep fry. We’ve got a particularly special place in our hearts for her English Breakfast Cupcakes which feature a bacon, sausage and black pudding batter with baked beans and bacon bits for sprinkles. Deeelish.

Her latest video is a cut above the rest though. In a tribute to the Olympics, Jo’s prepared a special dish of Olympic Energy Nachos which contain, amongst other things, energy tablets, Muscle Max cheese and Berocca salsa. Woah!

“This cheesy sofa snack is going to give me enough energy to get through this summer of sport,” Jo says proudly as she creates her signature nachos.

You gotta hand it to her, she thinks outside the box. Or, kitchen, in this case.

“I wasn't always bad at sport,” she continues. “At school I was pretty good at netball...but then puberty happened, and immediately after that, alcohol happened.”

We love this girl.

Watch ‘Olympic Energy Nachos’ here:


By Jess Commons


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