Fashion’s Hottest Interns: ‘I Feel Like Part Of The Brand Already – But I Still Make The Tea…!’

14 August 2012

Kids Company Reiss

For the second year running Grazia has teamed up with Kids Company and Reiss for a unique mentoring scheme to help four amazing 20somethings break into the fashion industry.

In the latest a series of regular blogs, Ben Moriah, 24, tells us what he’s been up to...

Honestly, this internship just keeps getting better.

It’s been a few weeks now since I last blogged and there’s so much to tell. I’ve been working hard on the new collection, and I’m having so much fun with it. This week I’ve been working on prints and using different colourways – and one of them was picked to get shown to the director in the buying meeting.

I know: Oh Em Gee. My wish to spot someone wearing my design on the tube (and promptly collapse) might actually come true.

Already, I’m feeling like I’m a valued member of the team. Whereas most internships it seems to be that you’re given work to fill the time, at Reiss I’m working on things that are current and happening now – the same as everyone else is doing, which is just amazing.

But though I’m totally working with their team, I do keep reminding myself that I am an intern – so I still make a cup of tea for them all every now and again to keep them happy. You’ve got to…!

Kids Company Reiss

Ben at work

It’s not all been rosy though. Despite being over the moon to be at Reiss, just as it is for the majority of interns without a trust fund to rely on, money is a struggle. My savings are running low and I need to find a part time job to support myself, otherwise I simply won’t be able to get into work to learn.

I used to work in a bar, but I’m afraid the late nights will affect my performance at Reiss, so I’d rather go into retail – ideally in one of the Reiss stores so I can continue to learn about the brand, the design and also the client; who is shopping at Reiss and what they’re buying.

Fingers crossed something comes up soon, though as everyone knows, jobs are so hard to come by at the moment.

But in the meantime, I have an awesome internship to concentrate on…

Follow the interns progress every week at Reiss and look out for #KidsCoInterns updates on Twitter.



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