Fashion’s hottest interns: ‘I Never Thought I’d Get a Chance Like This’

24 July 2012

Ben intern kids company reiss

Love fashion? Thought so. Want to work on Planet Fash? Of course you do. But, with so few opportunities around, how do you break into it – especially if you’re from a deprived area?

It’s not easy – which is why Grazia is entering into its second year of a unique mentoring scheme with Kids Company and Reiss, to help four amazing twenty-somethings get into work. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime – they’re on the FROW of the industry, being trained in everything from fashion design to PR to visual merchandising.

And they’re blogging on Grazia Daily and each week for the next four months to bring you all the goss from behind the scenes of their placements. Not bad, eh? Ben Moriah, 24, from South London is first up…

So, I’ve been at Reiss for a week. And let me tell you, so far: It. Is. Amazing.

I can’t tell you how jealous I was when my friend told me one of his t-shirt designs that could be sold in Reiss last year – he’d been involved with the Kids Company and Grazia scheme too – so obviously I applied straight away when I heard about it.

I’ve been involved with Kids Company for a year now I moved out of home at 19, thinking I was independent enough to handle it. Turns out, I wasn’t. I thought I knew much more than I did – but faced with rent, gas, electric bills and being completely on your own, it can get a bit daunting to say the least. In fact, I ended up living in a hostel for two years… Not so good.

But instead of admitting defeat, I took myself to college – and  really pushed  to get on the fashion course; it’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do. I had nothing – no experience or portfolio. Just a few crappy drawings, and a dream. They took me on the next week and that’s have it all started.

A few years, a Textiles degree from London College of Fashion later (I’m due to graduate this summer!) and  help from  Urban Academy later - and here I am.

Coming into the corporate world, I thought it would be really strict and stern. But actually, though it’s high pressured and focussed, people are really down to earth and relaxed. It’s a bit like being at university again, but with more prospects.

Ben intern kids company reiss

Ben Moriah with Reiss mentor Jennifer Allen

Already I feel like I’m part of the team. I was worried that I going to be too different to the Reiss brand – I thought I was too young or ‘out there’. But just last week we were looking at the new collection and I suggested introducing neon green. They liked it, and now it’s being developed. It’s an amazing feeling. And my mentor (who is fab, by the way) was an intern previously too, which puts the whole process into a different light.

Before this, I had a fear that I’d be a graduate interning for free for the next four years. But I know if I work really hard – and it is hard work – that there are definitely opportunities at the end of it.

Which is what it’s all about. I’m at the end of week one. But by the end of my four months at Reiss, I hope you’ll be reading that my designs are going in store – or, even better, that I’ve spotted someone wearing one (I actually think I would collapse. Not. Even. Joking.). Watch this space…

Follow the interns progress every week at Grazia Daily and Reiss. And look out for #KidsCoInterns updates on Twitter.





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David Van Eeghen (Wed Jul 25 16:35:26 BST 2012): Go Ben and best of luck over the next 4 months. Great to see talented young people getting out there and embracing opportunities. I'm up for buying your designs if they make it in to the collection.
Dream. Find. Do. (Fri Jul 27 12:40:18 BST 2012): Such an inspiring story, we're all for people following their dreams. wishing you the best of luck Ben xx.
Ben Moriah (Thu Aug 02 22:00:14 BST 2012): Thanks for all the love and surport from everyone it really does mean a lot to me. I'll make time to keep you all posted on the collection and what I'm up to, Thanks again guys.
Lily 'Princess-tin' Gilmore (Thu Aug 02 22:26:45 BST 2012): you go ben! This has made my day, so happy to see you
Lily 'Princess-tin' Gilmore (Thu Aug 02 22:26:58 BST 2012): .. are doing so well! peace and love babe x x x
Ben Moriah (Thu Aug 02 22:27:36 BST 2012): thanks babe, where you been all my life miss girl!!!
Ashley James Morgan (Thu Aug 02 22:58:16 BST 2012): amazing to see u doing so well with your fashion babe x
Kris Sisodia (Thu Aug 02 23:05:56 BST 2012): Gwarn!
Rozzie Mcg (Fri Aug 03 17:24:41 BST 2012): Ben this is amazing! All the best! xx
Mario Davis (Thu Sep 13 12:23:26 BST 2012): Isn't he the guy from Styled to Rock?
Khan Rey (Thu Sep 13 12:55:06 BST 2012): Yup..... Ben....... And he was eliminated. :(
Mario Davis (Thu Sep 13 12:56:06 BST 2012): Oh no! He was one of the strong(er) ones imo.