Would You Forgo An Engagement Ring For A Deposit?

11 March 2014 by

How many mates have you seen flaunting a brand new, whopping great diamond on their Facebook page recently? Too many, right? Well, now you might start to see an altogether different kind of ring popping up on your newsfeed: a key-ring. Because, apparently, instead of a ring the size of a house weighing down our left hands, these days we are far more interested in the actual house, thanks very much.

A new poll has found that more than half of women in relationships said they’d forgo an engagement ring in favour of putting down a deposit on a house. Not only that, 60 per cent said they’d rather buy a house than spend money on a honeymoon. Surprised? We aren't.

As we've written about in Grazia this week property prices seems to be all anyone is talking about these days and with experts warning that thanks to rocketing house prices homeownership will fall below 50 per cent within a generation – we reckon that owning your own place has become the new divide and homeowners are the new Smug Marrieds. In this climate of competitive house-buying where only the fittest survive in brutal group viewings which adds on £50k to an asking price by lunch time, looking for The One has taken on a whole new meaning. So, surely it makes WAY more sense to put the money towards a house than your fiancé putting a 'down payment' on his bride to be in the guise of a massive engagement sparkler.

But, do you agree? Or is all this getting on the property ladder paranoia sucking the fun out of everything we do. What would you choose? Would you really prefer to say 'yes' to a deposit over a ring?



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