07 January 2014

WIN A Pair Of Office Shoes Every Month For A Year!

We have teamed up with Office to offer you the chance to win a new pair of shoes, every month for a whole year! Office have some fantastic new ranges to see you through 2014 in style...Go for a cool, girly sports feel with a new pair of trainers or start the year looking fresh and clean cut with a pair of pointy pumps. Office are presenting a grown up take on the sports craze, and reminding us that spring is on the way with barely there sexy sandals.

Or why not try an ‘Urban Traveller’ look with fabulous brogues, ankle boots teamed with oversized outer wear. With fat soled sandals to stomp the streets, multi strapping and delicate lazar cut shoe boots to dress up your ripped jeans, there are heaps of versatile options to keep you looking relaxed, cool and simply perfect this year!

Shop the collection at office.co.uk and for your chance to win simply answer the question below.

The winner is entitled to one pair of OFFICE own brand shoes per month up to the value of £80.


All posts must obey the house rules, if you object to any comments please let us know and we'll take the appropriate action.

Audrey Naylor (Tue Jan 07 14:07:37 GMT 2014): what a super prize a pair of shoes a month, YEP 12 pairs that includes a pair of boots for winter, and I think we are going to have a bad one
Aimee Goonoo (Tue Jan 07 15:46:07 GMT 2014): 12 pairs of Office shoes.......... what more could a girl ask for...... why more Office shoes of course, just checked out their sale - up to 50% off... that's my new years resolution of 'one pair in one pair out' absolutely out the window! ;)
Kay Leigh (Tue Jan 07 18:54:19 GMT 2014): I can't see a question, but what's not to love about new shoes....a girl can never have too many x
Vanessa Renney (Tue Jan 07 19:45:52 GMT 2014): whoopee-do sounds great to me!!!!
Karen Brady (Tue Jan 07 19:56:48 GMT 2014): I can't see a question but I know a girl cannot have enough shoes
Lara Pearson (Tue Jan 07 19:57:37 GMT 2014): I also can't see any sign of a question but please enter me anyway.
Carolle Wieler (Tue Jan 07 20:55:40 GMT 2014): If the question is Do you love shoes ? The answer is YES ! Great prize guys.
Sheila Wall (Tue Jan 07 21:30:04 GMT 2014): 12 pairs would be the best start I could wish for in 2014
Debbie Meredith (Tue Jan 07 21:33:53 GMT 2014): No question for me either..... Can I still enter though....
Andrea Goodheart (Tue Jan 07 22:58:38 GMT 2014): Oh yes please! ;)
Sarah Louise Gray (Tue Jan 07 23:35:01 GMT 2014): no question showing?
Natalie Gillham (Wed Jan 08 06:46:24 GMT 2014): there is no question showing, but please enter me, great prize thanks :)
Sue Blake (Wed Jan 08 09:04:56 GMT 2014): Hi I cant see a question, I am logged in.
Dean Martin (Wed Jan 08 09:24:04 GMT 2014): I too cannot see a question. However, my answer is 'Urban Traveller’ . Ta. The Mrs would love a new pair of shoes for her new job...every month
Sheelagh Thompson (Wed Jan 08 11:25:37 GMT 2014): No question for me either. Would love to win this. Fantastic prize
Wendy Gubbins (Wed Jan 08 12:29:27 GMT 2014): One pair of Office Shoes every month for a year? - I'm in heaven
Karen Whittaker (Wed Jan 08 17:45:10 GMT 2014): Logged in, but no question...but I'd like to enter please!!
Nancy Palmer (Wed Jan 08 18:41:20 GMT 2014): yes please , but no question for me either
Maria O'Sullivan (Thu Jan 09 13:44:00 GMT 2014): no question????
Monika Suchonska (Fri Jan 10 09:32:55 GMT 2014): Nothappymon@gmail.com question?
Alana Carruth (Fri Jan 10 13:22:46 GMT 2014): Can't see a question but would love to win ♡
Lynn Hughes (Fri Jan 10 15:51:43 GMT 2014): Can't see a question but can you put me in the hat to win the Office shoes please ; )
Helen McGregor (Sat Jan 11 18:44:42 GMT 2014): can't see a question - what am I doing wrong? Would love to win lots of shoes to wear to the Office!
Carrie-Anne Brown (Sat Jan 11 19:35:04 GMT 2014): can't see no question, would love to win :D
Sue Blake (Sun Jan 12 19:15:33 GMT 2014): Please can you enter me in the competition.
Michelle Walkes (Fri Jan 17 13:41:06 GMT 2014): Wow. It would be like having a birthday every month and I already have an Office wish list. Can you please enter me into the competition?
Claire L Harris (Fri Jan 17 16:37:55 GMT 2014): Glad it's not just me that can't see the question! Bad day in the 'office' for the competition. What an amazing present, every girl's dream. Count me in please.
Amanda Waring (Sat Jan 18 15:17:12 GMT 2014): No question and can't sign up, very poor service Grazia!
Dee Stramotas (Tue Jan 21 19:32:54 GMT 2014): woo just saw the question!! May the best lady win ;)
Fiona McDonald (Wed Jan 22 07:52:34 GMT 2014): Please let me win!