GRAZIAGRAM: Win A Pair Of Jeans From Topshop's Extended Denim Collection

28 January 2014 by

Always ahead of our denim needs, Topshop has taken the standard jean trends and turned them on their heads. Introducing the new extended jeans collection, which offers a total of SEVEN new designs to give our denim wardrobe a whole new look.

In celebration, we're giving you lucky lot the chance to win a style of your choice! Take a look at the options in the gallery above and take your pick. As well as various trims, rips and repair abrasions (all key trends for Spring Summer 2014 dontcha know), the jeans are further layered with style choices of vintage-style bleach washes, bright blue hues, clean colourway options and washed out colours. Hurrah!

A real focus has been made on the treatments across the range, such as lived-in authentic seen in the New Baxter (an updated version of the Baxter with a higher waist and better fit) and trend led finishes seen in the Hayden. Which will you choose?

For your chance to win, simply answer the question below...


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Corinne Fisher (Tue Jan 28 17:33:41 GMT 2014): Definitely New different to anything else I have
Alexandra Tibbles (Tue Jan 28 18:23:44 GMT 2014): Joni all the way!
Calypso Hope (Tue Jan 28 18:28:28 GMT 2014): I love Leigh!
Lynn Ede (Tue Jan 28 18:33:24 GMT 2014): New Baxter certainly. Lovely!
Georgina Louise Moore (Tue Jan 28 19:13:56 GMT 2014): Like the girlfriend and the mom jeans - fab! :-)
Hazel Macaulay (Tue Jan 28 19:15:00 GMT 2014): Mom jeans
Renee Blackmore (Tue Jan 28 19:19:46 GMT 2014): Well... I'd like Girlfriend but, ummm... there's no question to answer!
Zoe Rae (Tue Jan 28 19:44:57 GMT 2014): New Baxter- where's the question?!!
Rebecca Price (Tue Jan 28 19:56:21 GMT 2014): Mom!! love em
Judith Reynolds (Tue Jan 28 20:13:32 GMT 2014): Where is the question??
Erika Davidson (Tue Jan 28 20:46:37 GMT 2014): Leigh
Dorothy Eyes (Tue Jan 28 20:48:22 GMT 2014): Girlfriend would suit me
Siobhan Caroline Scott (Tue Jan 28 20:49:33 GMT 2014): Mom are great !
Hayley Willetts (Tue Jan 28 20:59:29 GMT 2014): Mom for me please...and yeah I can't see the question either...x
Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France (Tue Jan 28 21:03:25 GMT 2014): Mum, Baxter, Girlfriend - they're all rather fabulous ... spoilt for choice but no question to answer!
Clare Anne (Tue Jan 28 21:51:58 GMT 2014): Joni or Mom Jeans- what is the question? xx
Vicki Jackson (Tue Jan 28 21:54:56 GMT 2014): Where is the question?? HELP!
Lorraine Bux Galbraith (Tue Jan 28 22:02:57 GMT 2014): Mom for me and can only assume the question is which will you choose ? As there is no question below !
Cerstin Maryk (Wed Jan 29 00:34:08 GMT 2014): Mom would be my choice. Let me know when there's a question?!
Charlotte Gaffney (Wed Jan 29 08:42:19 GMT 2014): I've been after a pair of Mom jeans for a while now, working up the courage to take the plunge!
Lyndsey Fields (Wed Jan 29 09:22:36 GMT 2014): Jamie for me - cannot find a question to answer though?
Lolo Wood (Wed Jan 29 11:29:42 GMT 2014): There ain't no question! Unless it's just "which of these jeans would you like a free pair of?" In which case, I like the look of the Joni or the Girlfriend. So happy that high-waisted jeans are back :-)
Liz Rees (Wed Jan 29 19:08:10 GMT 2014): No question but I think it has to be Girlfriend
Beverley Burgin (Thu Jan 30 02:37:55 GMT 2014): I would answer the question if there was one! So with my mystic powers I will answer Leigh! Basically because I would luv a pair of these or more like I NEED them!
Sharon Gooding (Thu Jan 30 21:41:29 GMT 2014): Joni would be my choice of jeans as they seem to have so much style, it would be a pleasure to wear them
Brenda Teal (Fri Jan 31 14:34:58 GMT 2014): Mom jeans.
Aimee Layton (Fri Jan 31 17:01:09 GMT 2014): My answer?... Defiantly MOM!!!
Louise Mcnicol (Fri Jan 31 20:07:46 GMT 2014): There's no question but please enter me anyway, I'd love a pair. X
Louise Mcnicol (Fri Jan 31 20:10:34 GMT 2014): If there's a choice I would love to win the Jaimie. X
Pippa Cain (Fri Jan 31 20:31:26 GMT 2014): Does not appear to be a question but if a pair of jeans were on offer I wouldn't say no
Julie Taylor (Fri Jan 31 20:40:47 GMT 2014): Girlfriend would be the ones for me. I can't see the question though.
Susan Corcoran (Fri Jan 31 21:57:44 GMT 2014): Baxter!
Monika Suchonska (Sat Feb 01 00:28:51 GMT 2014): no question? no answer :)