10 Things That Happen To Every Long-Term Couple

03 June 2014 by


After a quick show of hands around the Grazia office it's safe to say that if you and your partner get past the one year mark then these things are happening (or are going to happen) to you


1. After a romantic dinner you shout “TEETH CHECK” and point out each other’s trapped food.


2. You can communicate that you are in fact FURIOUS with just with your eyes.


3. When you meet new people they assume you’re siblings. Better stop with the inside jokes then.


4. You will share anything. Money is no object. Just not that expensive, specialist shampoo they keep using as shower gel.


5. You forget that you agree on all the fundamental issues and suddenly find it infuriating when the other person doesn’t care about issues that are important to you that day. Like which brand of margarine to buy.


6. Only one of you thinks it’s a good idea to exercise together.


7. You can become deeply upset when your partner simply doesn’t fancy watching a film or going to any place you deem ‘ours’ 


8. Gone are the days when you hid from each other when getting dressed. Walking round naked is your uniform.


9. Obligatory post-sex cuddling is no longer a concern.


10. You start out eye-rolling at everything their best friend says but end up just as besotted as they are. 

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