The 5 Rules Of Email Flirting, George Clooney Style

13 May 2014 by

This week we learned that when it comes to flirting on email, George Clooney is king. When pursuing his latest beau – highly successful human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin – he got his e-moves on to pique her interest. “The reported hottest man in the world should probably meet with the reported hottest human rights lawyer in the world,” he allegedly wrote. Gloriously cheeky – and it worked. So well in fact, that she’s now carrying around the cheering knowledge that, pretty soon, she’ll be marrying the silver fox himself.

Here’s how he did it (probably):

1. Lower case casual. sorry, too busy emailing many more attractive and very important people to caps-up for you. the two hours looking at this message, and at least 15 minutes deleting accidental capital letters was worth it. e-casual perfection.
2. Two email rule. Sending more than two emails in a row with no reply is equivalent of saying ‘I love you’ on the first date. Don’t be that guy.
3. Short is truly sweet. That is all.
4. Never make the first move… When it comes to email kisses.
5. Emoticons are not sexy. Nor are exclamation marks. You have been warned.


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