The 5 Rules Of Clothes Sharing...

14 March 2014

Having access to your friend’s or sister’s wardrobe is a great thing as Kim Kardashian discovered this week when she Instagrammed herself from Miami wearing little sister Kylie Jenner’s cut-out bikini. However, clothes sharing can be an etiquette minefield – even more so when it's among mates. So check our definitive guide to the fail safe rules of the 'friendrobe'…

1. DON’T, under any circumstances, look better in the outfit than your mate does.<br>

2. DO, avoid red wine, spaghetti bolognaise and four-month-old babies, especially when wearing white and/or silk. Unless you want a big row and an even bigger dry cleaning bill on your hands.<br>

3. DO, ask permission first – she’ll only see the evidence that you wore her favourite dress when you’re photo tagged on Facebook.<br>

4. DON’T, even think about investing in a copycat outfit. It was fine to wear matching Bart Simpson tracksuits when you and your sister were five years old – not fine when you’re 35.<br>

5. DO, remember that borrowing your boyfriend’s clothes operates under an entirely different rule-set. You’re allowed to pilfer his jeans, jumpers, boxers and shirts at any time - and you’re allowed to look way more stylish in them.<br>


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